FreeCast CEO: “We’ll even provide millions of eyeballs they can monetize with this new program.”

The exodus of subscribers from pay television is hitting TV programmers two-fold. Fewer cable TV subscribers means less subscription revenue, while the shrinking TV audience lowers ratings, and with them the prices that networks can charge for advertising. While the temptation is to offset these losses by raising subscription rates, FreeCast is making the other option even more attractive: using the transition to the internet to boost advertising revenues. Rabbit TV Plus, the world’s only total aggregator of online video services, reaching an audience of over 4 million, allows content providers to keep 100% of their ad revenues, along with other monetization options.
FreeCast CEO William Mobley explained why the internet can have a positive impact on advertising, and thus content producers’ revenues as well. “You can’t turn back the clock on this transition to the web, and trying to squeeze more revenues out of consumers’ cable bills will only exacerbate the problem. FreeCast’s solution allows programmers to capitalize on the web TV trend. Interactive ads on the web offer great advantages over impression-based TV spots, so by putting their content online via Rabbit TV, content producers can provide even greater value to their advertising partners.”
By offering advertisers a combination of traditional television advertising, and actionable in-video web ads from which consumers can learn more about or even purchase products, content providers can create a much greater value proposition that capitalizes on consumers’ move to the web rather than suffering from it. The television industry must learn to take advantage of changing consumer tastes rather than resisting them, and FreeCast’s Rabbit TV Plus is the comprehensive solution to help them do just that, allowing them to both sell content on a subscription or pay-per-view basis, as well as keep all of their advertising revenues.
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