FreeCast’s online audience of over 3.5 million is a perfect match for transitioning content producers.
As the industry gathers in Miami for the National Association of Television Program Executives conference, the makers of Rabbit TV Plus will be in attendance and eager to strike deals with content creators that may sound too good to be true, offering no risk with the potential to add significant revenues. As the television medium evolves, viewers are now able to access content directly from those who produce it via the Internet, without the need for intermediaries. This represents a great opportunity for both media consumers and content producers alike. FreeCast Inc CEO William Mobley is always seeking to expand Rabbit TV Plus’s content portfolio, but for content creators in particular, he believes his online media guide offers nothing but benefits.
“We’re coming to NATPE with a lot of confidence because we have an offer that’s literally too good to refuse. Everyone’s trying to get their content online, because that’s where the consumer is. We make that possible, at no cost, with a built-in audience of over 3.5 million paying subscribers, many of whom are not cable subscribers and are otherwise very difficult to reach. We let our content partners keep 100% of their ad revenues, and really take the headache out of forming an online strategy.” Mobley said before departing for the conference.
Since its launch, Rabbit TV has enjoyed explosive growth and showed no signs of slowing down. With the introduction of the all new Rabbit TV Plus, the service has blossomed into an ideal platform for content creators and advertisers, able to deliver eyeballs to content, and help content creators to monetize those viewers. For the content producers at NATPE, FreeCast Inc believes that they’ve got the solution.
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