Rabbit TV Review – The Truth About Rabbit TV

Rabbit TV Review – The Truth About Rabbit TV

An objective review of Rabbit TV and what it has to offer – written by the guys who built it

Rabbit TV has been getting a lot of attention lately, but it doesn’t seem like there are any reliable, in-depth Rabbit TV reviews on the Internet, so we decided to go ahead and do a complete review of Rabbit TV features – what Rabbit TV can do, what Rabbit TV can’t do, and what makes Rabbit TV different from other similar products – an objective Rabbit TV review (the first in-depth Rabbit TV review so far).  To be clear, this is NOT an opinion-based review of Rabbit TV, but instead an in-depth review of Rabbit TV’s features and capabilities.

What Rabbit TV is…

A Web-based USB Device

Rabbit TV USBLet’s jump right into it. Put simply, Rabbit TV is a USB device that plugs into any computer (PC or Mac) and connects you to Rabbit TV’s web-based guide service that helps you find and watch live and on-demand video from all over the Internet, whether it’s TV episodes, movies, sports, news, music videos, whatever. The USB only acts as a key to the Rabbit TV Guide – it does not install any software, but rather ensures that the user is a Rabbit TV member before granting him or her access to Rabbit TV.

A Comprehensive Digital Media Guide

Rabbit TV Channel List WallRabbit TV is a guide to watching TV online (by TV here I mean everything you would watch on TV, plus a lot more). The Rabbit TV system searches, updates, categorizes, recommends, and manages over 2 million videos daily, organizing a huge amount of high-quality content into a simple, easy-to-use interface that connects you with the content you want in the fastest way possible.

A Potential Alternative to Cable and Satellite

Rabbit TV doesn’t own or host any of the content we link to, so we can’t provide you with the same exact experience you get with Comcast or DirecTV for free, but we do have more than enough content to keep you occupied, including thousands of full episodes from the most popular TV networks (the same ones you watch on cable), hundreds of movie libraries, live sports streams (including NFL, NBA, etc.), news programs and more. Rabbit TV even provides complete cord-cutting solutions to fill in the content gaps with quality, affordable companion products and services. If you’re willing to make the transition, you’ll quickly find how much money you can save on cable and satellite bills while still getting all the entertainment you could ever want.

What Rabbit TV isn’t…

A Free Cable/Satellite TV Provider

Rabbit TV Free Cable SatelliteContrary to what some may think (or hope), Rabbit TV is not the same as a regular cable or satellite provider.  You won’t be able to use Rabbit TV to flip through live feeds of regular broadcast and cable channels like you can with Comcast or DirecTV – Rabbit TV does, however, link you to free on-demand content from almost all of the major networks you get on cable and satellite, along with a selection of live scheduled news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and kids channels.  For example, Rabbit TV links to over 25,000 full episodes from most popular networks, like ABC, NBC, Fox, History, MTV, Discovery, and many more (see “Rabbit TV Content Overview” below for more about our content selection). Rabbit TV also links to thousands of FREE Movies from around the world, along with Live Sports Streams from Every Major Sport, Live & On-Demand News Broadcasts.  Rabbit TV even has a selection of Live Scheduled TV Channels, but not the hundreds of live channels you get with the big boys.

Why not, you ask? The answer is simple: securing rights to live broadcasts from major networks costs a lot of money (one of the reasons your cable bills keep rising). Rabbit TV is all about providing you with as much content as possible for FREE. Rabbit TV also connects you with loads of premium content, so you can decide what you want to pay for, instead of being forced to pay for everything when you only watch a little.

As stated above, Rabbit TV gives you everything you need to stay entertained without having to pay a ridiculously high cable bill, but it’s not the same as cable and satellite. The transition to a cable-free lifestyle might take some getting used to, but in the end you’ll be spending only a fraction of what you were, while still enjoying all your favorite programming plus much more.

A Scam

Rabbit TV is not a scam For some reason, there are a few bloggers out there who want to spread a bad image of Rabbit TV just to get traffic and make some quick cash by selling competing services. These so-called “SCAM ALERTS” claim that Rabbit TV is no more than a clever ruse to trick you out of hundreds of dollars. They also claim that the Rabbit TV USB is fraught with errors, instructions in Chinese, and that the Rabbit TV network (Rabbit TV Go) is just a bunch of broken links to foreign websites.

We’re not entirely sure where these scam-artists got their information (especially since these scam alerts started popping up months before Rabbit TV was released). The truth is Rabbit TV only costs $10, and if you want to keep using it after a year it’s $10 a year from then on.  If you don’t want to continue your Rabbit TV subscription, you can cancel at any time – no hoops to jump through, no hidden fees, no tricks, no scam.

As far as the broken links to foreign websites, Rabbit TV is designed to constantly update and check links, which means that any errors or broken links are fixed almost immediately.  While our guide does include nearly 2000 worldwide/foreign channels, they only make up a small portion the content we link to (see Rabbit TV Content Overview below for more info on Rabbit TV content. Rabbit TV doesn’t control any of the content it links to, so we can’t help it if someone else changes their content, but if they do we find out and reduce broken links to an absolute minimum.

The Difference

Unlike set-top boxes, which tend to complicate things with hundreds of stand-alone apps for each service, Rabbit TV simplifies the experience by combining all content sources into one easy-to-use guide.

Unlike Cable/Satellite Providers, which give you scheduled programming with a small window for on-demand options, Rabbit TV is continually adding to its on-demand library, allowing users to access content at any time.

Rabbit TV Content Overview

Rabbit TV Channel ListA lot of people have been asking us for a “Rabbit TV Channel List”, so in this blog I’m going to give you an overview of each content section available in Rabbit TV, along with what you’ll find in those sections:


Rabbit TV Screenshot
Our TV section is the most popular of the Rabbit TV content sections, with a large selection of on-demand TV shows, channels and video sites, including:

  • Current and Classic TV Shows
  • Original Web Series
  • Worldwide TV Channels and Video Sites
  • Local US TV Channels and Video Sites
  • Sports Video Sites
  • News Stations and Video Sites
  • Tech Video Libraries
  • Children’s Programming
  • and much more…

In total, there are currently somewhere around 5000 channels available through the TV section of Rabbit TV, including over 25,000 full episodes from popular and classic TV series available on-demand 24/7. Rabbit TV is constantly adding new channels, episodes and other video content, so these numbers grow on a daily basis.


Rabbit TV Movies Section
The Rabbit TV Movies section links you to a variety of free movie libraries (nearly 100 in total), connecting Rabbit TV users to thousands of free movies in total. Rabbit TV also has a “Pay Per View Movies” section, where Rabbit TV users can stream the latest box office hits in seconds. Most premium movies are available for as low as $1.99 per rental.

The Rabbit TV Movies section is broken down into sub-sections based on genres, with genres including:

  • Popular
  • Foreign/Independent
  • Sci-fi
  • Horror
  • Documentaries
  • Classics
  • Seasonal
  • Midnight Movies
  • Pay-Per-View

Between the free and premium movie selections, Rabbit TV more than trumps cable and satellite TV in the movie department.


Rabbit TV’s Live section is one of the more revolutionary sections available through Rabbit TV.  The Rabbit TV system searches for live sports and event streams (both free and premium) to connect you with live webcasts of every major sport (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc.), award shows, concerts, festivals, live shows, and other special events. If an event is streaming on the Internet, chances are it’s available through Rabbit TV.

Rabbit TV Sunday Night Football
Rabbit TV Live Event Sports Schedule

Another sub-section of Rabbit TV’s Live section is “Live Channels”, where Rabbit TV users can view a diverse selection of live scheduled channels on a variety of subjects, including

  • Business/News
  • Classics/Sitcoms
  • Entertainment/Music
  • Kids/Cartoons
  • Lifestyle/Food
  • Shopping/Home
  • Sports
  • Tech/Gaming

Like the rest of Rabbit TV, we are always expanding our live channel selection, and as more and more independent content producers begin developing their own live channels, we anticipate a huge surge in the availability of live scheduled programming online.

The Rabbit TV Live section also includes a nice selection of Premium Pay Channels, where you can sign up for subscription live TV channels to watch every game of most major sports along with a variety of live scheduled entertainment programming channels.


The final content-based section of Rabbit TV is the Radio section. This section links users to over 50,000 radio stations from around the world, including nearly 2,000 live radio broadcasts. You just select your genre, pick a station and you’re ready to go.
Rabbit TV USB Radio Section Channel List
This Rabbit TV section also includes a number of sources to watch music videos, with the combined libraries providing thousands of music videos from every genre.

Cord Cutting Solutions

In addition to these many content sections, Rabbit TV also provides a number solutions for subscribers who are attempting to ditch their expensive cable bills in exchange for a more affordable TV experience.
We give you the low-down on the best products, devices, and services to replace all of the entertainment you’re used to with cable and satellite, all without ridiculous fees.

Looking Forward

The Rabbit TV Network is constantly expanding, with new content being added every day. No matter how much you use Rabbit TV, you’ll never run out of new and exciting content, and we’re constantly working to create a more user-friendly, enjoyable experience for our many users.

As we move forward, we want to stay in constant contact with you, our fans, about what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and what we want to do. This way we can ensure that Rabbit TV remains fresh and constantly ahead of the curve.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or recommendations about Rabbit TV (or FreeCast), we welcome you to let us know by either commenting or submitting a contact form below.

To learn more about Rabbit TV, visit
To order Rabbit TV now, visit

Kyle Moulder


  • Chefdecker20 January 2013

    Does it get Paid NFL sports on it free?  How hard is it to find what you want to watch?

    • freecast21 January 2013

      Rabbit TV brings you to free live coverage of every Sunday Night and Thursday Night Football Game, along with other big games including the Super Bowl, absolutely free. We also help you find a-la-carte subscriptions to watch every game in the NFL season without a cable subscription.

      Aside from the NFL, we’re also your guide to watching NBA, NHL and MLB games along with professional Golf, Tennis, The Olympics and much more. We make it easy to watch all your favorite sports without having to pay ridiculous cable bills.

      • socrfan16 March 2013

        What about Major League Soccer games? If you cover the major league sports it should be included.

        • mjmorale07 April 2013

          I agree — what about worldwide soccer and rugby and cricket?
          I’m American, but not a baseball fan!

  • Glpyles120 January 2013

    So let me see if I understand this. I I watch American Idol on cable TV I will or will I not be able to watch that same episode on Rabbit TV at about the same time?

    • freecast23 January 2013

      Rabbit TV lets you watch most TV show episodes on-demand starting the day after they air. This includes almost all broadcast shows (from ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS and CW) and most cable shows (from other networks), but there are a couple of exceptions.

      For some reason American Idol is the only Fox show that doesn’t make full episodes available the next day. They do provide videos of just about every audition along with episode recaps and exclusive interviews, but not the complete episode.

      We have no control over what American Idol decides to make available, but if you’re a fan of the Fox network, you can still watch full episodes of every other Fox show, along with thousands of full episodes from other popular networks.

      • Pehorton08 February 2013

         You can do that on youtube.  FREE!

  • Fazoopie20 January 2013

    So…this Rabbit TV gives you access to free content from network websites?  Why would I pay Rabbit TV to watch exactly what I could watch for free by going to or or any other network site?  Sounds like a scam to me.

    • freecast23 January 2013

      Would you consider TV Guide to be a scam?

      Rabbit TV is a guide to watching TV online, and one of its major values is the fact that it saves users the time and hassle of searching for full episodes of their favorite shows along with free movies, live events and more. 

      We bring together thousands of high-quality content sources to help you find what you’re looking for as quickly as possible, on-demand anytime, so you can spend less time searching and more time watching. We also bring you fresh, new content that you probably wouldn’t find on your own along with exclusive live content, along with guides on how to get all your entertainment without having to pay ridiculous cable bills.

      If that’s not worth $10 to you, then Rabbit TV is probably not for you, but we have plenty of existing users who are more than satisfied with the way Rabbit TV helps them stay entertained without having to scour the Internet for quality content.

    • Pehorton08 February 2013

       It is.  Their office is closed, and I am on hold with them now.  45 mins now.  They won’t answer their phone.  Sad.  The owner is from mideast or somewhere taking advantage of Americans.  Sad.

    • Rkmssolutions14 February 2013

      hulu is not  free 7.99 per month vs $10.0 per year  sound like you got scammed and are pissed off

    • robinkilgore20 August 2013

      Hulu DOES have free access to some but not all of their program library. CBS and the other networks ARE free to access without the RabbitTV.
      The RabbitTV just makes accessing programming easier and more organized. ZiggyTV is a free online download that offers something similar, without a plugin device. ZiggyTV Pro offers additional content for a flat “lifetime” fee, but I can tell you from personal experience that it is NOT worth paying for.
      I’m contemplating the RabbitTV, simply for the convenience of it. It IS affordable and if it’s not that great I’ll simply cancel , rather than pay for any future years of use.
      I currently have a Roku streaming device for my television set and, for the money, there is NOTHING better. It offers gorgeous picture and sound, hundreds of FREE channels, movies, some live streams, pay-per-views, and the AWESOME Netflix, for which I pay $7.99/month.
      The RabbitTV, primarily geared for PC or Laptop viewing, sounds like a great addition IF it has good picture quality and the plethora of programming options that they claim….you can get by without it, but it seems like it’s a time-saver and makes online viewing choices much easier to compare and decide on.

    • Revenger29 August 2013

      Right now you can not watch CBS on your computer if you have Time Warner Cable due to their fighting about cost. So I think I will give this Rabbit a try.

      • Jason Bradley30 August 2014

        What does having Time Warner Cable have to due with watching CBS on your computer? One doesnt have anything to do with the other! You go to, log in, and watch whatever show you want! Its that simple and you dont have to have a tv provider like abc, tnt, history, usa, and several other channels websites require after you watch 1-3 shows on their website. Just an FYI Time Warner has always stunk and caused issues for their customers – never ever have heard a good word about their services not even internet….

  • Mike Craft23 January 2013

    will rabbit tv receive free local LPTV digital channels live in a local metropolitan area?
    please reply to:

    • freecast23 January 2013

      Rabbit TV does link to a large selection of live streams from local TV stations, but it is not equipped with an antenna for picking up Over-the-Air TV channels.  In order to watch your LPTV channels through Rabbit TV, they would have to be available through the web (via webcasts), as Rabbit TV has no way of pulling the signal from the air.

      • Debby17 February 2013

         Will Rabbit TV work successfully in the UK and in Jersey (British Channel Islands) ?

  • Uplandpakid23 January 2013

    Can you plug it in to your TV?

    • freecast23 January 2013


      Rabbit TV even walks you through the process of connecting your computer to your TV. If you don’t have the right cables to do so, we provide you with quality, affordable cables customized for your specific setup along with step-by-step instructions for setting it up.

      We make it easy to watch all your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, and events on TV without having to pay an expensive cable subscription.

      • Uplandpakid23 January 2013

        Good deal! We will be getting one! Thank you!

    • Customer03 April 2013

      You cannot plug IT into your TV, but you can plug it into your computer and plug your computer into your TV. But if you have to do all of that, it’s not really wireless anymore.

      • freecast04 April 2013

        Yes that is correct, thanks for clarifying. Rabbit TV does not plug DIRECTLY into your TV, but you can connect your computer to your TV to enjoy Rabbit TV on the big screen.

      • maria de leon07 April 2013

        i pluged the rabbit to my laptop n hooked to my tv but dont get anything no movie i brought a vga monitor cable just like in the box but no what chennel do i put it on.where do i go from therehow is it going to work on my tv this rabbit tv.plz explain to this works plz

        • tso2me22 July 2014

          Like they all say, you just need to locate the input for the VGA and select that. On my COLBY it simply says VGA. On my VISIO it just says computer. You can find these in the video menu of your set.

    • Jason Bradley30 August 2014

      No but you can buy the Google Chromecast for a one time fee $35 plus tax and then the $10 one time fee for rabbit tv and then throw it up on your tv. So for about $50 you can have all what rabbit tv promises and watch it on your tv.

  • Regina27 January 2013

    I just saw your ad. What would be my financial outlay requirement after I pay the initial $10 for the USB? 

    • freecast28 January 2013

      FreeCast is the developer of Rabbit TV. Telebrands is the sales group, so any sales or billing-related questions should be directed to Telebrands for a specific answer, as well as special deals available for the product.

      I can tell you that Rabbit TV is an ANNUAL subscription service, so those who wish to continue using Rabbit TV after the initial year can pay an additional fee for each year they wish to continue their subscription.

      You can find more info as well as contact details at:

      • Pehorton08 February 2013

         If you call the office they say the office is closed, 24 – 7 365 days a year.  LOL  No one to talk to and if you hold you hold FOREVER!  It has been 1 hr and 47 mins now I have them on the phone.  Sad.

    • Sandp8501710 March 2013

      the 1st year’s service is included in the purchase price of the device. this is exactly like the magic jack phone service.

  • Sreed28 January 2013

    Rabbit tv is a pile of garbage. I think is also nothing but garbage. And what’s up with that annoying social bar that follows the page as I scroll down?

  • Thegiantswin200728 January 2013

    Can I watch NY local TV stations, ABC CBS FOX NBC MSG that R live stream? 

    • freecast29 January 2013

      Put simply, the answer is no – Rabbit TV does not deliver content in the same way as cable and satellite. 

      Instead of the standard model where you watch live scheduled programming restricted to specific time-slots, Rabbit TV lets you watch the latest full episodes of all the most popular shows from major US networks (ABC, NBC, Fox, MTV, History, and many more) on-demand anytime, plus thousands of full episodes from all the biggest shows of the last 50 years. 

      We even have a nice selection of live channels for a variety of interest groups, along with access to massive virtual libraries of movies, music, live sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.) and events, plus thousands of local and worldwide channels. We make it easy to get all the same entertainment your used to, available anytime, anywhere.

      If you want to watch live broadcast television (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, MSG, CW, PBS), all it takes is a simple HD antenna. Combined with Rabbit TV, you’ll never be short of content to keep you entertained (and you won’t have to pay those ridiculous cable bills). Rabbit TV even helps you find deals and discounts on HD antennas to help you cut the cord and start living a cable-free lifestyle.

    • Brywalker197030 January 2013

       Yes…  Be careful because the FCC has an ongoing investigation into Rabbit TV

  • Billie Marie Matteo31 January 2013

    Netflix got me hooked by offering a free month and they did not need a “USB key”. You are not Netflix obviously and your quality is less, but your fee is less also. If you want to charge 10 bucks a year, a dollar a month, whatever, but this USB thing is ridiculous. I need my USB ports for a lot more important reasons than a frivolous “key”. Your marketing does not impress me and I think your USB device is purposely misleading.

    • HOpIE04 April 2013

      my computer has multi usb ports and i aslo have a device with mores usb ports.
      its not misleading they tell you up front what it dose helps you search channels with out all the searching and hard work.

  • Kerryw43007 February 2013

    plugged it in and all i got was ( the application failed to initialize properly ) thanks for nothing and i will be calling for a refund

  • Pehorton08 February 2013

    I have been trying to get someone to call me about my order.  I notice you didn’t put a phone number after the letter, or a name. ???  If you want people to take you seriously then back your ‘talk’ up and give us a phone number to call you.  Not real hard to do if you are legit. 


  • Pehorton08 February 2013

    What happen to my post I just posted.  Hummmmmmmmmmmm. taking them off in stead of relpying,  Probly making up the other post.  Sad.  I am on the phone now on hold (for awhile) – put up your phone  

  • NormDonna95008 February 2013

    Showtimw or HBO?

    • freecast08 February 2013

      Showtime and HBO require cable subscriptions to access their premium content (full episodes of their series). If you don’t have the subscription, we can’t grant you access to their exclusive content. We do offer episodes of their premium series, but they are not available for free.

  • Boscojr19 February 2013

    10 bucks a year ? You leave tips bigger than that. I’m going to try it,sounds intresting.

  • art21 February 2013

    What about FOX News and FOX Business Chanels

    • freecast11 March 2013

      Rabbit TV links to a LIVE streams from FOX business and other streaming Fox channels, but you can’t watch the live FOX News channel EXACTLY as you it appears on cable – instead, Rabbit TV helps you watch on-demand segments/shows from the FOX News network.

  • Ringo1214721 February 2013

    Who would have time to watch all those shows? Maybe someone who is an invalid or has nothing else to do all day. Seems Rabbit TV is a relatively good thing for people who are hypnotized by TV and have hour after hour to view. A couch potato dream. I saw the device for $10 in Walgreens. I’d recommend buying in store to avoid having to mail item back if there is a problem. Also avoid shipping cost.

    • charles05 April 2013

      i watch television alot as does my family. this item will make it far easier for me to find my favorite shows and movies so i can watch them anytime then i will be buying one next week.

      • B-UD28 June 2013

        Gee, this sounds like a sincere post, and not someone working for the company…

    • Bob30 May 2013

      There are millions of websites too, but who has time to look at them all? They should turn off the internet all together.

  • Sher1art22 February 2013

    We RV to many locations. How will this be a benefit to us. Do we just watch on my small computer or can we watch on our 20″ TV in the RV through my computer somehow? I have a verizon hotbox for internet on the go. Also…does it work on smartphones somehow?

    • freecast26 February 2013

      You can watch Rabbit TV on your 20″ by connecting your computer to your TV. Rabbit TV even provides an in-depth guide on how to connect to your TV, with specific examples and instructions for every type of TV and computer. We also help you find special deals on the right equipment (cables, etc.) to help you do it, usually for under $10. The Verizon hotbox should work fine as far as a reliable Internet connection. As far as smartphones, we’re currently working on an app version of Rabbit TV for smart phones, tablets and smart TVs, but currently its only compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers.

  • Gplanas23 February 2013

    Does my pc have to be connected to the Internet for me to use rabbit tv?

    • freecast26 February 2013

       Yes it does. The entire system is web-based (the USB only acts as a “key” to prove you are a subscriber), so you will need an Internet connection to access the content.

  • Billhansen200824 February 2013

    Very interesting. I may want to try this. Your writeup doesn’t state whether there’s a Search function, so users can search for a specific program (example- “BBC News America”). For some of us, a function like that would be essential.

    • freecast26 February 2013

       Yes, we do have a search function that allows you to search for any show (e.g. “Modern Family”, “Looney Tunes”, “BBC News America”) and then be taken instantly to full on-demand episodes of that show.

  • freecast26 February 2013

    You can easily connect your computer to your TV to watch Rabbit TV on the big screen. We even provide our user with in-depth guides on how to do so, including customized instructions for your specific TV and computer specifications. We also help you find great deals on the cables necessary to do so (usually under $10).

  • Posr100827 February 2013

    Can you use rabbit tv on your iPad

    • freecast04 March 2013

      Not yet, but we’re working on it. Right now, Rabbit TV only works with Windows and Mac OS computers/laptops, but we’re working hard to develop apps for iOS and Android, along with apps for Smart TVs and other over-the-top devices. You should be seeing our companion apps sometime this year.

      • nunyadamnbusiness17 March 2013

        I would be extremely interested in having this on my tablet with Android 4.0, road trips, vacation, late nights, sometimes I just watch TV on my tablet in bed and don’t turn my tv on. Ten bucks a year is actually perfect, I would pay it, IF they (you) make it available on Android tablets.

      • annie01 May 2013

        Do I need to have a separate rabbit for each PC in my home, or can I transfer one to the device I am using at the time?

  • Posr100827 February 2013

    Can you use rabbit tv on your Xbox live through the Internet explorer app

    • freecast04 March 2013

      Right now Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac OS operating systems, meaning it won’t load properly on an Xbox, even if you have an Internet Explorer app. We are, however, working on an Xbox app version of Rabbit TV, so keep on the lookout for that later this year.

  • Sonja01 March 2013

    Can this be used on an Xbox?

    • freecast01 March 2013

      The short answer is no. Currently Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac Computers/Laptops. However, we’re working on a mobile app (android/iOS), a smart TV app, and several other types of apps (Xbox, Roku, etc.) that should be available later this year.

  • Nanisjet03 March 2013

    Can I use Rabbit TV in my HDTV?

    • freecast04 March 2013

      You may have already found the answer to this question by reading the other comments on this blog, but in case you didn’t, here you go:

      Rabbit TV is accessed through your computer, but we also show you how to hook up your computer to your TV so you can enjoy Rabbit TV on the big screen. Rabbit TV users have access to in-depth, customized guides for connecting to your TV, and we even help you find great deals on the cables necessary to do so.

  • Bill03 March 2013

    Do you watch Rabbit TV on your computer monitor or your TV?

    • freecast04 March 2013

      You can actually watch it on either your computer or your TV. By default, the Rabbit TV device is plugged into your computer, so you can watch it on your monitor without any extra set up, but you can also hook up your computer to your TV to watch Rabbit TV on your HDTV. We provide our users with a specific, in-depth guide for connecting your computer to your TV, including great deals on the cables necessary to do so. 

  • freecast04 March 2013

    While Rabbit TV does link you to primarily on-demand content like Hulu does, Hulu only covers a small spectrum of the TV and movie content available online. Rabbit TV combines thousands of different content providers (Hulu being just ONE of them) from all over the Internet to give you over 50 years of TV and movies including over 25,000 Full TV Episodes, 30,000 Movies, and much more.

    While we think Hulu is great for offering Internet users the ability to watch certain shows and movies online, our goal at Rabbit TV is to bring together ALL of the content available online into one simple, easy-to-use eMedia guide.

  • Leauntie05 March 2013

    Does it have discovery channel?

    • freecast11 March 2013

      Yes and no. Although Rabbit TV users can’t access the same live Discovery broadcast you get with cable, you can watch full episodes of most discovery shows on-demand anytime.

  • Turn112506 March 2013

    I do not have a DVR and when i missed a key part to a series that i just started watching i was a bit pissed at my self. i bought the Rabbit TV at Walmart for $10 and i was trilled at seeing and catching up on something i missed on a new series. That alone was worth the money i spent on the Rabbit.TV system.
    I see a lot of you complain about this, wake up and smell the coffee, cable tv is the biggest rip off of all tv systems, i know i worked in the cable business for years. The money i saved on a DVR paid for it ….lol….I love it. ….. UP yours Direct tv and Comast and Brighthouse and all the systems the rip people every day and cut you off and think there is no place to go….GUESS WHAT …there is a great life after you break up whit them, and you save thousands !!!!! … Kiss this.

    • freecast06 March 2013

      We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying your Rabbit TV device!

  • Pavel Iostes06 March 2013

    It sounds interesting, but I am mostly interested in the ‘live’ part of it. I mean, I like to watch my local news and perhaps the Tonight Show. I take it you provide ‘day after’ shows.  I ask because of this quote ” Rabbit TV does, however, link you to free on-demand content from almost all of the major networks you get on cable and satellite, along with a selection of live scheduled news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and kids channels.”

    • freecast07 March 2013

      Rabbit TV does link to full episodes of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but as you said they are available on a day-after basis. Rabbit TV also links to LIVE news feeds from national, international and local stations (Fox, ABC, NBC, Al Jazeera etc.). These channels are not day-after like our TV shows, but are actually simulcasts of the television broadcast.

  • Pavel Iostes06 March 2013

    I am interested in watching my local news and perhaps the Tonight Show. I take it you don’t show these. I ask because of the following quote: “Rabbit TV does, however, link you to free on-demand content from almost all of the major networks you get on cable and satellite, along with a selection of live scheduled news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and kids channels. “

  • Davejaune06 March 2013

    I saw the Rabbit TV device at Walgreens today but wanted to read the reviews first. This one was very detailed. I understand completely the advantage of this device. You can pay for hulu or netflix almost as much as this is for the entire year and on Netflix I still could not find recent TV shows I wanted. You can also get free apps like Crackle or TV Portal but they each only have certain content so you have to switch between apps to get what you want. For measly

  • Davejaune06 March 2013

    Got cut off but was going to say for a measly $10 it is well worth it so I will buy one for my laptop.

    I also have a Sony Internet box similar to a Roku but it let’s you use the Google App store and Google TV and has a USB plug so you can view photos, video, music, etc. Would the Rabbit TV device work on that also?

  • Moorehbm107 March 2013

    QUESTION??? Can your computer then be connected to your big screen TV so you can watch in a large screen mode?

    • freecast07 March 2013

      Yes it can. Rabbit TV provides an in-depth guide on how to connect your computer to your TV, and even helps you find deals on the cords you’ll need to do so (usually under $10). 

  • Plinseydi08 March 2013

    i would like to have rabbit tv for my hdtv not for my computer what to do 

    • freecast11 March 2013

      In order to use Rabbit TV, you’ll need a Windows or Mac computer, however you can hook your computer up to your TV so that you can watch all of the content on your HDTV. Rabbit TV even has in-depth guides on connecting your computer to your TV, and we find great deals on the cables/products necessary to watch Rabbit TV on your big screen (usually under $10). 

  • Davejaune08 March 2013

    Will it work in the USB on my Sony internet TV box?

    • freecast11 March 2013

      Not yet. Currently Rabbit TV can only be used on Windows and Mac computers/laptops, but we’re working on other versions of Rabbit TV so you can access it through all devices. You can, however, hook up your computer to your Sony internet TV to watch Rabbit TV on the big screen.

      • Robert19 March 2013

        When it does work on media players, will our existing usb work or will we need to upgrade it? Of course, I’d rather not have to buy a new one, but I already see that moving this around so much could be a pain and looking at ways to network a usb port so all my computers can access it. I have multiple computers, but live alone, so only one would be active at any time this way. 🙂

  • Rfl1940394808 March 2013

    I have a question, if my TV has internet service and my TV has USB plug, can i use it on my TV? 

    • freecast11 March 2013

      You can use Rabbit TV on your TV, but not by plugging it directly into your TV. Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac computers for the time-being, so you’ll need to connect a computer to your TV in order to use Rabbit TV on your TV. We provide you with customized guides on connecting your Computer to your TV, including the cables/products you’ll need to do so. 

      We’re working on new versions of Rabbit TV that will allow you to browse the Rabbit TV guide from any device (including Internet-ready TVs) – these should start becoming available in the coming months.

  • Ponset609 March 2013

    How fast of a internet do yo need so there is no buffering?

    • freecast11 March 2013

      High-speed broadband (cable) Internet should be plenty for uninterrupted playback and HD video on Rabbit TV, and even higher-speed DSL connections should be able to play streaming video without buffering – although video quality might be a little lower with a slower connection. Really anything over 1Mb/sec should allow you to watch video with smooth buffering, but for HD video you’ll want upwards of 2-3MB/sec Internet speed. 

  • Anthony10 March 2013

    will it compramise the life of my computer,

    • freecast11 March 2013

      No. Rabbit TV is web-based and will in no way have any negative impact on your computer. If you can browse the Internet without your computer crashing, you can browse Rabbit TV without worrying about anything bad happening.

  • travelingnukeworker10 March 2013

    I have a Samsung Google tv. Can I plug the rabbit tv into the usb port on the tv? Or do I have to use it threw a blueray box like netflix?

    • freecast11 March 2013

      Currently you can’t plug Rabbit TV directly into your Google TV (well you can, but it won’t work). Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac computers for the time being, although we are working on a number of Rabbit TV apps that will allow you to access Rabbit TV through smart TVs, smartphones, and other over-the-top devices. These apps should begin becoming available in the coming months.

      If you can’t wait, you can still hook up a computer to your TV using a simple HDMI cable. At Rabbit TV, we provide our users with in-depth guides on how to connect their TV to their computers to enjoy Rabbit TV on the big screen. We even help you find quality affordable cables for your specific needs so you don’t end up wasting money on something you don’t need.

  • Miner Cheri10 March 2013

    Was wondering I have a blue ray DVD player that’s is wi fi ready that is hooked up to my tv that we use for Netflix,it had a USB port. Can the rabbit hook to my DVD player and work without the use of a computer? Since my DVD player is Internet ready, if so I will order the rabbit the reviews looks good!

  • Miner Cheri10 March 2013

    Will the rabbit work with a Internet ready blue ray DVD player with a USB port?

    • freecast11 March 2013

      The answer is – not yet. Right now Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac computers and laptops, so in order to watch it on your TV you’ll need connect your computer to your TV. Don’t worry though, Rabbit TV makes it easy to connect your computer to TV by providing you with in-depth, customized guides on hooking up your computer to your TV based on your specific setup. Rabbit TV even helps you find great deals on the cables/products necessary to connect (usually under $10).

      We are, however, working on new versions of Rabbit TV that will allow you to access our eMedia guide from any device – look for the new Rabbit TV versions to come out in the coming months.

  • Supercook210 March 2013

    The product works great and easy set up just like magic jack worked for me!!!!

    • freecast11 March 2013

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying Rabbit TV!

  • Cr_riley10 March 2013

    How about Fox News? Also, can it hook into a Roku box?

  • freecast11 March 2013

    A very large portion of the content linked to from Rabbit TV DOES require Adobe Flash to be up-to-date, but you can easily download/update the latest flash plugin by visiting this site:

  • freecast11 March 2013

    Rabbit TV does link to a number of live NASCAR races, but there are some races that require the purchase of an additional subscription in order to watch full race coverage LIVE online. We don’t have any control over this content – these subscriptions are required by NASCAR themselves and Rabbit TV doesn’t charge you any extra to sign up.

  • freecast11 March 2013

    It’s possible to get HD video through a DSL connection, video playback really depends on the actual speed of your connection (how many mbps?).  While DSL certainly won’t prevent you from watching any of the content  available through Rabbit TV, it may result in slightly lower video quality on streaming and live video, but again it will depend on your actual connection speed.

    As far as the Deutsche Welle channel, you can find a live stream of the channel in the Rabbit TV World Channels section under DWTV. 

  • freecast11 March 2013

    A large portion of the content linked to from Rabbit TV is in HD quality (TV shows, movies, original programming), but there are a few sources that are below HD quality. The picture quality you receive will moreso depend on your Internet connection (high-speed broadband cable should allow to watch all HD content). 

  • Espruell11 March 2013

    Will Rabbit TV hook up to my big TV?  Through a laptop?

    • freecast11 March 2013

      Absolutely – I’ve answered this questions several times in the other comments, but I’ll go ahead and expand on this for you right here. 

      Rabbit TV makes it easy to connect your computer to your TV so you can enjoy Rabbit TV on the big screen. Rabbit TV subscribers have access to in-depth, customized guides on connecting your specific computer to your specific TV. Rabbit TV even helps you find awesome deals on high-quality, affordable cables/products for connecting your computer to your TV, so you don’t waste money on something you don’t need.

  • Antonio11 March 2013

    Can i watch it  on my big TV.

  • Shucks2911 March 2013

    got it and I like it….. convenient if you’re traveling for the lap top to watch just about anything. No chinese…. no problems and for 10 bucks a yr. this is a great bargan. Plug your lape top or computer into your TV and watch it on the big screen. I get live news feeds on local channels all over the country.If your a perso who travels with his work and you like to watch classic tv shows… old movies,,, or newer movies this is the thing to have.

  • richard15 March 2013

    will i be able to watch live nfl games on rabbittv?

    • freecast18 March 2013

      Yes. Rabbit TV links to free Thursday Night, Sunday Night and Monday Night Football streams, plus special events like the Playoffs and Super Bowl. In order to watch ALL Sunday games, however, you will need to either have DirecTV (currently the only provider with rights to these games) or purchase an NFL Game REwind subscription (which allows you to watch the games after they happen.

  • db16 March 2013

    what about local channels? does it get local channels????

    • freecast18 March 2013

      Yes, Rabbit TV has a large local channels section with live and on-demand channels from around the country.

  • mtblack201118 March 2013

    I see what you are selling and I am going back to Walmart to buy the usb. I can run around all day finding these things to watch but you are giving me a menu where you have done all the research and linked to them for me. It would take me a year to find them and by that time they would move so what you are selling is worth a lot to me. I generally tape my favorite shows and watch them the next day or later anyway so this is perfect for me. Glad you thought of it. I don’t think the other people with the negative outlook on the product understand what it is. I was in technology for over 30 years and we sold little menus to make things “user friendly” for a lot more. Good Job !

  • Freeman18 March 2013

    Can i watch Lakers channel on Rabbit Tv

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Right now the Lakers Channel is only available through cable and satellite providers, but we expect them to develop a web-based version before long so we can add to the Rabbit TV lineup.

  • Lee Tribble22 March 2013

    hi, I want to know if all Rabbit TV Channel and movie List must have close caption cuz I am deaf before i buy it…

    • freecast26 March 2013

      Yes most programs on Rabbit TV, including most TV shows and movies, are available with closed captioning.

  • NakedRealty23 March 2013

    Hey folks, I have read all the reviews and the main point is from everyone who has one is…………IT WORKS. For $10, it sounds like you are getting way more than it’s worth. How often can you say that. I’ve ordered two of them and got coverage for both for 3 years and it set me back a whopping………$35. Even if everything I have read is not true in terms of how great it works…………for $35 for 3 years………….I’m not losing any sleep on this investment and once I get it I will test to see what I can or maybe cannot cut on my current cable bill. But something tells me it will be more than $10/year!!!

  • Tanja24 March 2013

    i am interested in Rabbit TV, but I live in Belgium. Will everthing work here?
    Cause i know things like Netflix & hulu don’t work outside of the US?

    thank you.

  • Jasgang24 March 2013

    Can I use my Roku Box with this

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Not currently, but we are working on developing a Rabbit TV roku app that you’ll be able to get later this year.

  • Jasgang24 March 2013

    Roku or any stream player

  • Yifinguy25 March 2013

    Is the program guide like Roku2?

  • Trudy Wilcox26 March 2013

    i have usb ports on my tv can i use your product in it instead of a computer

    • freecast12 April 2013

      The short answer is no. Rabbit TV is currently only compatible with Windows and Mac computers, but you can look for mobile and smart TV app versions of Rabbit TV later this year!

  • freecast26 March 2013

    Yes. Most shows and movies available through Rabbit TV are available closed-captioned.

  • Bryan Mcintosh26 March 2013

    Can I hook it up to my Xbox to watch on my large TV?

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Currently you can only plug Rabbit TV into a Windows or Mac computer, but you can hook up your computer to your TV relatively easy to enjoy Rabbit TV on the big screen. Chances are a simple HDMI will do the trick, but if not Rabbit TV includes a guide for connecting your computer to your TV based on your specific hardware.

  • Kim Hillegas27 March 2013

    Your site says you are working on getting Rabbit to work on gaming devicesand smart TVs will this include a ROKU also? If I were to get a Rabbit now that works with a PC, will the dongle upgrade to work with a ROKU when available or would I have to purchase the newer device? Does the dongle work from a USB hub or does it have to occupy an individual USB port?

  • Glo27 March 2013

    I have a question. When i watch tv aith this device, does it use alot of gigabytes? Please respond.

  • cmiller27 March 2013

    Will it eventually have wireless capabilities so that you don’t need cables running from a computer to the TV?

  • Tracy29 March 2013

    Can Rabbit TV, also be used with wifi, internet ready televisions?

  • james braselton29 March 2013

    hi there please add a 3d tv rabbit for 3d tvs that be alwsoume i get 2 3d channeles from comcast

    • freecast04 April 2013

      We’re working right now to develop apps for smart TV and other platforms. Keep an eye on this blog for updates on Rabbit TV apps.

  • fridayfire1130 March 2013

    does it get HBO show time

  • Curious130 March 2013

    Are you able to watch shows on the premium channels like HBO, Showtime and the Movie Channel?

  • Heather31 March 2013

    I have wild blue sattelite Internet which isn’t always the best or fastest; but thats all we can get where i live. Will this work with that?

    • johnathonmerritt04 April 2013

      I recommend you do not. I have Hughesnet. Neither Hughes or Wildblue are worth their cost. Since they have a bandwidth cap, you will only be able to watch a few shows before you speed is limited. All I have to do is watch a few youtube videos and my internet is gone for the rest of the day. I think Wildblue has a monthly cap which would be worse. After a few days of “TV” watching, you won’t be able to use the internet for the rest of the month.

  • Stephanie Bock-dobransky31 March 2013

    sons of anarchy is on fox. is it free and can you watch it on day and time aired? or is it delayed ? thank you

  • queebm01 April 2013

    I have seen a few complaints about Rabbit Tv which I disagree with. I like old classic tv shows and I get the cream of the crop with this product. My wife who is from the Philippines gets her country’s television via the internet and Rabbit Tv. Yes, you can search the internet and get many of these shows for free on your own. It is much easier with this gadget because everything is compiled and for 10 bucks a year, I am well satisfied.

  • Ronny Browns02 April 2013

    this sounds like HuHu is it

    • Kenny Aldrich19 April 2013

      all it is is a tv guide it isn’t a channel it’s a guide and that’s all..if you never bought this you would still be able to watch say hulu but this device has the url’s stored in it (and that’s ) so you don’t have to search’s content is whatever is already n the internet

  • Charyah02 April 2013

    how do you hook up the rabbit tv to the television set. I am interested in getting rabbit tv, but i want to be able to watch it on my large high definition television screen. Let me know what I need to do to connect to the television screen.

    • freecast12 April 2013

      If you have a newer HDTV and computer, chances are you can connect Rabbit TV on your HDTV with a simple HDMI. If not, Rabbit TV includes a comprehensive guide on hooking up your computer to your TV based on your specific hardware.

  • Potential customer03 April 2013

    Please release a version that is compatible with smart TV’s; otherwise, it’s not worth it to me.

  • Kaycee03 April 2013

    Can you use the rabbit TV on a tablet?

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Currently Rabbit TV is only available for Windows and Mac computers, but we’re working on mobile apps for Android and iOS that will allow you to access Rabbit TV through your smartphone or tablet. Those should be available to the public later this summer.

      • rabbit hater15 May 2013

        They should just call it rabbit…the t.v. part seems to be a pipe dream…can’t find a way to play it in any way on t.v.

        • robinkilgore20 August 2013

          From what I understand, you CAN watch the programming on your TV IF it is hooked up, first to your computer or laptop, and THEN ,(using the proper cord),to your TV. They provide the directions for doing so on their website. If you can’t find the directions, then contact their Customer Service.

    • John15 August 2013

      It would work on the Microsoft Surface PRO tablet or the Samsung Ativ line. As long as the tablet runs the full version of Windows.

  • Michelle Forbes03 April 2013

    can i plug rabbit tv into my wii system?

  • HOpIE04 April 2013

    I am going to buy this it has channel info it saves allot of searching the internet for you saves time and is less then hulu and net flex for my tv channels. todo all this seaching and put on a usb stick wouldbe allot of work

    • Rn05 April 2013

      I am gonna order this usb rabbit thing, and pay the yearly fee, i hope there will be no more fee associated to watch free shows or movies etc.

  • freecast04 April 2013

    Rabbit TV includes a number of live local news broadcasts as well as on-demand videos from local news stations. Just go to our Local/US channels section.

  • freecast04 April 2013

    Watching videos through Rabbit TV will have the same effect on your data usage as watching videos without Rabbit TV, so if you already get upcharged for watching movies right now then chances are the same thing will happen when you watch movies with Rabbit TV.

  • Maria Lagonik04 April 2013

    Can I watch any Greek Channels with this device?

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Yes you can find a number of Greek Internet TV channels in the Rabbit TV World Channels section.

  • Joseph Wheatley05 April 2013

    Will this work in Canada?

    • freecast12 April 2013

      While you can watch most content on Rabbit TV from Canada, some regions of Canada are unable to access programming from certain US networks (ABC, NBC, and others). If you’re considering purchasing Rabbit TV to circumvent restrictions on US-only content like this, Rabbit TV may not be for you.

  • Codi Bryan05 April 2013

    does it use a lot of data .. I live in the country and have to use my phone for internet cause we don’t have the right phone line to get high speed internet .. just wondering if it just need the internet to connect or to use the data also

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Yes Rabbit TV is web-based so it will have an effect on your data usage just as watching videos online does.

  • maghion05 April 2013

    seems like a good way to watch anime

    • freecast12 April 2013

      You’re correct. Rabbit TV does have a pretty robust selection of Anime show episodes.

  • Keanu DiMira Farrow06 April 2013

    I watch many events and shows such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, WWE, etc. When new episodes come out, will I be able to just watch the program same day or will I have to wait?

  • Lee H07 April 2013

    When he upgrades are released for android, Smart tvs, etc. will the current deice work or will I have to buy another one?
    Seriously, can you give an expected release date?

    • freecast12 April 2013

      We’re expecting to have Rabbit TV mobile apps available sometime this summer, with Smart TV and set top box apps coming shortly afterward.

  • GypsyHawk07 April 2013

    This may sound like a stupid question, but just to be clear….will Rabbit TV increase my data usage?

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Watching videos on Rabbit TV will have the same effect on your data usage as watching videos anywhere else online. For example, if watching a movie online has a major effect on your data usage, you’ll see the same effect when you watch a movie through Rabbit TV. Hope that answers your question.

  • Stephanie Anderson07 April 2013

    My Friend Bought Rabbit TV, And During A Search For Free MOvies Found A Movie Which Had THe Words ‘hosted By HULU’ AT The BOttom Of The Description. When She Went To The Officual HULU site, HULU SaysYou Must Subscribe To HULU premium To View This Movie. The Fine Print In The Rabbit TV Instructions States That They Are Not Responsible For Rabbit TV Customers Viewing Copyrighted Or ResTricted Content. Wouldn’t Viewing ‘preMium’ Content Owned By HULU thru RabbIt TV And Nit Paying HULU for It Be Illegal??? (Sorry For All The Caps)

  • meteewee07 April 2013

    I like a lot of the trye crime shows like cold case files most of them are on tru tv and a&e what are my chances of being able to watch those types of shows? I see on hulu and netflix I am aable to watch MAYBE 6 full episodes and then nothing but trailers and clips.

  • meteewee07 April 2013

    Are the FULL EPISODES limited to just a few? Seriously netflix and hulu both only give you a few of the full episodes of the types of shows I like to watch. I would like the ability to be able to watch entire seasons and even all the seasons of my favorite show that air on a&e and tru tv

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Rabbit TV links to a large number of full episodes from most major US TV networks. As far as A&E and Tru TV, they are a bit limited on the full episodes they make available. A&E offers full episodes of their most popular shows like Duck Dynasty, but its usually only a couple of episodes at a time. Tru TV also has full episodes for select shows (Hardcore Pawn, Lizard Lick Towing and others), but again the selection is limited to only a few episodes each. Although we’d love to give you loads of free episodes from these networks, we don’t control the content these networks choose to make available for free.

      If you want to watch full seasons of these shows, you can rent or download full seasons of just about every shows from these networks at a relatively low price ($10-20 for an entire season) in the Rabbit TV Pay-Per-View section.

  • paul08 April 2013

    Does this rabbit tv work if I go out side of the U.S. I go out of the country sometimes an I want to use it internationally.

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Most of the content available through Rabbit TV is viewable from almost anywhere in the world, but a large portion of US-only content (a number of movies and shows from networks like ABC, NBC, etc.) will be restricted if you access it from a non-US IP. For the best Rabbit TV experience, it’s recommended that you use it in the US, but there’s still plenty of content to watch outside of the US.

  • shadowseve0808 April 2013

    how fast does the internet speed need to be

    • freecast12 April 2013

      As long as you have at least 1Mbps connection speed you should have no problem watching all of the content available through Rabbit TV. In order to watch programming in HD, you may need as much as 3Mbps or higher.

  • Don Baird Jr09 April 2013

    I picked up Rabbit TV and was amazed! I’m not a big TV watcher – but enjoy some old classic sitcoms and movies every once in a while. This rocks and it was less than $10 with first year subscription free and less than a buck a month to renew for another year? Awesome! I was paying over $200/mo. for Cable TV and this was my answer to a prayer!

    • freecast12 April 2013

      Thanks Don! We’re so happy to hear you’re enjoying Rabbit TV!

  • La Nelda Jones10 April 2013

    What’s the difference between regular Rabbit TV and Rabbit TV Plus?

  • Hippiehart10 April 2013

    Can I watch the Science Channel?

    • freecast12 April 2013

      While you can’t watch the live broadcast of the Science Channel like you do on TV, with the help of Rabbit TV you can watch on-demand full episodes from most of the programs that air on the Science Channel.

  • Roger11 April 2013

    How much does the one -time modem cost

    • freecast12 April 2013

      The only device you need to access Rabbit TV is the Rabbit TV USB device. The subscription to Rabbit TV is $10 per year, but the first year is free because the device itself costs $10. So in the first year of using Rabbit TV the only thing you have to pay for is the device ($10) and after a year if you still want to continue service you can pay another $10 for the additional year, and so on. Hope that answers your question!

  • freecast12 April 2013

    Currently Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers. Right now we’re working on a number of apps for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and set-top boxes that will be released later this year.

    We have discussed creating a Wii channel, but for now we’re focusing on mobile and smart TV apps.

  • K.D.B.14 April 2013

    Can I watch local T.V. channels, local news channels on Rabbit. T.V.

  • imahoax14 April 2013

    It says that we can access world channel and watch LIVE videos, news etc etc. But when I tried to do that, it lead me to Official Website of the network which I can also access thru Google, Yahoo etc. I already watch those videos in you tube. So where is the “live thing” there?

  • Bruce Duvelow15 April 2013

    I’ll give a review tonight(Hopefully) a positive one if I can watch WWE Raw on USA Network at 8pm.So far,this seems to be the ideal way to go using Your Pc or Laptop.Let’s keep Our fingers crossed 🙂

  • real guy15 April 2013

    does it have new episodes of walking dead breaking bad and all discovery and travel channel shows?

    • freecast28 May 2013

      Most Travel Channel and Discovery shows are available to watch for free through Rabbit TV, but AMC does not generally provide free episodes online, but you can still watch episodes from shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad” by purchasing them on an a la carte basis (pay per episode or buy entire seasons) in the Rabbit TV Pay-Per-View Section.

  • Lynn18 April 2013

    So i can watch live nfl games with rabbit tv?

    • freecast02 May 2013

      Yes Rabbit TV links you to live streaming coverage of Thursday night, Sunday Night and Monday Night NFL games. Sunday games during the day are not available to watch online, however.

  • jay14419 April 2013

    When can rabbit tv be available on tablets?

    • freecast02 May 2013

      You can expect a Rabbit TV mobile app later this summer.

  • Trace the Ace20 April 2013

    What does Rabbit TV link me to that I can’t find on my own by spending two minutes searching on Google or Bing?

  • Reina25 April 2013

    I’m interested in getting rabbit tv but does it carry Spanish language programming as well on demand , and perhaps channels from Latin America like Caracol? plz lemme know.

    • freecast02 May 2013

      Yes Rabbit TV does link to free full episodes of the most popular Spanish-language programming (from Telemundo, Univision, etc.) as well as movies. You can also purchase a la carte channel packages from all over Latin America (one of which is Caracol TV).

  • Jessi25 April 2013

    Can rabbit TV get channels from Latin America & Spanish language programming on demand well? DirecTV offers that but I’m sick of their overpricing, and I just can’t miss my novelas! Esp if it has channels like Pasiones or TLNovelas, then I’ll get rabbit tv. Thnx

    • freecast02 May 2013

      Rabbit TV has a few offerings in this department – As far as free content, Rabbit TV links to full episodes on-demand from the most popular Spanish-language shows as well as movies in Spanish. Additionally, you can purchase complete channel packages from Latin American countries to watch live streaming broadcasts online (Caracol TV, etc.).

  • John25 April 2013

    Does it carry YES network?

  • Janice28 April 2013

    I bought one for myself and my grand son in another state.Will he be able to put his personal ID and Pass word or will he have to use the sameone I have?

    • freecast02 May 2013

      Each Rabbit TV is tied to its own login. As long as you don’t register the Rabbit TV device before giving it to him, he will be able to register with whatever username and password he wants.

  • mya01 May 2013

    Can u use it on a ??

    • freecast28 May 2013

      You can use Rabbit TV on any Windows or Mac computer.

  • freecast02 May 2013

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Rabbit TV!

  • freecast02 May 2013

    Yes Rabbit TV does link to full episodes of most Telemundo and Univision TV shows, as well as popular Spanish-language movies. You can easily browse these selections in Rabbit TV’s ‘Programas en Espanol’ section.

  • freecast02 May 2013

    Yes, Rabbit TV web-based so you will need a high-speed Internet connection to fully enjoy Rabbit TV.

  • freecast02 May 2013

    TV shows and movies can be viewed in full screen, but they are not broadcasts like you get with cable – they’re available anytime on-demand.

  • J Zebulon07 May 2013

    They tell you EXACTLY what this device do and I believe it’s well worth the money just for the guide alone. To be able to access all the available movies in one place is awesome. I saw this device in Walgreen’s and I wanted to read about it before I got it. All you naysayers tripping over $10 are idiots.

  • nerys11 May 2013

    its certaintly not a scam. they could make it slightly less annoying but not a scam. its a GUIDE. not a tv service. it “DOES” let me find sources of content I would never have found before (found groundhog day for free online. cool) lets be real. your not paying $10 for tv or cable service. your paying $10 “PER YEAR” for a pretty nifty way to access a diverse array of free sources and someone else handles all the “leg work” of figuring out where this crap is (that is where the $10 goes!) not bad really. IF they keep it up and STOP advertising to me since “I” already paid I don’t need to be sold 🙂 hehehe OH and try and get an android app going (let us associate our google account with our rabbit account) I know there will be issues with playback but SOME stuff should work 🙂

  • uri5912 May 2013

    Wait, so after one year of buying rabbit tv, i have to pay $10 a year just to use it?

    • freecast20 May 2013

      Yes the subscription rate for Rabbit TV is $10/year.

  • Some Things To Know About Rabbit TV | Rabbit TV15 May 2013

    […] Rabbit TV is an service that allows you to watch video streams over the internet. If you have never viewed internet TV on your laptop then you are seriously missing out a lot. The main reason behind its popularity is the less amount of fee that you pay in order to avail this service. You are required to pay an initial fee and then on an annual basis. It brings to you episodes from your favourite TV shows, most awaited movies and a lot of streaming information. Now you can watch any of these any time and you do not have to worry about missing them on account of several reasons. […]

  • m.minetti19 May 2013

    Newer TVs have USB Ports like my 52″ Samsung…can we watch the movies on this and controller it with the remote..our have to wire laptop to TV somehow?

    • freecast20 May 2013

      To connect Rabbit TV to your TV you will need to first plug Rabbit TV into your computer and then connect the computer to your TV. We’re working on a smart TV app as well so you won’t need to do this. You can expect our line of apps later this year.

  • Glennon Loyd19 May 2013

    can you watch the fox news network?

    • freecast20 May 2013

      With Rabbit TV, you can watch a live stream of the Fox News Business Channel as well as on-demand programming from the Fox News Network (O’Reilly Factor, Fox & Friends, etc.). If you have a cable subscription, you can authenticate to watch the normal Fox News live broadcast online.

  • DamienDeschain20 May 2013

    I am currently living in South Korea for a work assignment. Can I purchase it online and be able to use it or will my IP address be an issue using a foreign ISP.

    • freecast20 May 2013

      A large portion of the featured content on Rabbit TV is restricted in other non-US countries, so you will not be able to get the complete Rabbit TV experience from South Korea. However, you can still access a number of the world channels and non-restricted content.

  • Melinda558720 May 2013

    Would this have HBO and the latest episodes of True Blood the day after they air?

    • freecast20 May 2013

      HBO doesn’t currently make their episodes available to rent online the day after they air, so Rabbit TV can’t offer it. You can, however, purchase/rent past seasons and individual episodes on an a la carte basis.

  • freecast20 May 2013

    All of the content on Rabbit TV is available to watch on-demand anytime. You’re not limited to strict schedules like you are with cable, so there’s no need for DVR – watch what you want, when you want with Rabbit TV!

  • freecast20 May 2013

    That’s not going to work. Currently Rabbit TV only works with Windows and Mac computers, so you will need to plug Rabbit TV directly into your computer.

  • Rabbit TV Brings Easy Entertainment In Your Life | Rabbit TV21 May 2013

    […] concept of Rabbit TV has brought a revolution in the field of internet television. Through its special services, it […]

  • Joan21 May 2013

    We watch a lot of Fox News which, I guess, would not be available live. Would it be availabe via a radio connection?

    • freecast12 June 2013

      With Rabbit TV you can’t watch Fox News Live, but we do have Fox Business News Live. We also link to Fox News Radio, which is live.

  • MGM21 May 2013

    Is any of the content HD? Also can you connect your PC via HDMI to a monitor?

    • freecast28 May 2013

      Most major network programming (TV Shows, Movies) available through Rabbit TV can be streamed in HD, but you will need a high-speed Internet connection (broadband, DSL) to be able to watch with maximum video quality (otherwise you may experience some pixelation or choppiness).

  • Rabbit TV Guide22 May 2013

    […] TV , Found here about Rabbit TV and Guide Online :- Rabbit TV Go | Rabbit TV Support | Rabbit TV Review | | Rabbit TV | Rabbit TV Register Free Cast | Rabbit TV Now | Telebrands Rabbit TV | […]

  • On-line TV watcher23 May 2013

    Sounds like a good device to me – cuts down my work at finding things on-line and that is worth $10/yr. And I don’t have to waste money paying cable for movie reruns that they repeat over and over again. Cable is not worth it – why pay that much for repeated re-runs? But sounds like Rabbit will help me find entertainment when I need to at a fraction of the cost. I know not everything is available, but nobody has time to watch everything anyway.

    • freecast28 May 2013

      That’s why we made Rabbit TV – to save you time and money. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your Rabbit TV!

  • fernandolovesadriana25 May 2013

    i just purcased rabbittv. i plug it in but it does not seem to work? i need yor advice on this matter. thank you

    • freecast28 May 2013

      If you’re still experiencing issues getting Rabbit TV to work, head over to to talk to one of our live chat operators, who can quickly resolve any issue you may have using Rabbit TV.

  • Richard26 May 2013

    Is the Show/TV content being delivered in HD, if it was originally in HD?

    • freecast28 May 2013

      Most major network TV shows and movies available through Rabbit TV are indeed available to watch online in HD, but the video quality you get will also depend on your internet connection. Rabbit TV users with high speed Internet should be able to watch HD content without any problem.

      • Richard28 May 2013

        Thank you! I will be purchasing one this week!

  • Meriwen26 May 2013

    I think rabbittv is a good device. I like watching movies online.Sometimes it really hard to find good link or where to watch.But when I tried this device it easy to find movies to watch. And you can watch the local channels. Those channels that you can watch on your cable.although of course some of them you need to pay for subscription. And I think 10 dollars is good price for one year. I don’t know why other people ask to much for 10 dollars.That’s funny.if you are not satisfied just cancel your subscriptions. You can’t ask for everything for free.It’s only $10.00 a year.Actually I by mine from Fry’s electronics for 9 dollars.

    • freecast12 June 2013

      We’re glad to hear you’re enjoying Rabbit TV!

  • stinger_9706028 May 2013

    You can watch free TV including tons of movies for free. You can also watch The Living Dead and shows like the sons of Anarchy also. I watch most TV and cable shows. I do not believe you can watch sports tho. But still the quality is good. Project Free

  • freecast28 May 2013

    Both Cartoon Network and Disney Channel are available to watch LIVE online, but you need to authenticate with your cable provider. Also, these online broadcasts are website-based, so they would “lead you to a site”.

  • freecast28 May 2013

    You should keep Rabbit TV plugged into your computer whenever you’re using it, and click the “Log Out” link before unplugging it. This will ensure you don’t experience any login issues the next time you try to use Rabbit TV.

  • freecast28 May 2013

    Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac computers, so in order to watch it on your TV you need to hook your computer up to your TV (an HDMI cable usually does it.)

  • freecast28 May 2013

    Yes you can, you just need to hook your computer up to your TV using an HDMI or other A/V cable(s) to enjoy Rabbit TV on the big screen. You can check out our PC to TV connection guide in the Members section of Rabbit TV, which will guide you through step-by-step on how to set it up with your specific hardware.

  • Benny bones02 June 2013

    Is there any possible way to use rabbit TV on my Xbox 360 slim console? Its only a USB plug that would be so freaking amazing! Can I transfer from a PC or laptop to my 360?I’ve read all the reviews & mostly everybody loves it but I have no answer or solution on getting it on my Xbox 360 slim system! Please help me!!!

    • freecast04 June 2013

      Sorry Rabbit TV only works with Windows and Mac computers for the time being. we’re working on Android and iOS apps right now, and there’s a good chance we’ll be developing some gaming console apps in the near future, but for right now you’re out of luck.

  • rob02 June 2013

    does this work in europe , asia , africa, etc, worldwide?

    • freecast04 June 2013

      While most of the content on Rabbit TV is available from just about anywhere in the world, our featured content (the content we put up on the front page and in the primary navigation) is subject to location restrictions, so many users outside of the US would not be able to enjoy Rabbit TV how it was meant to be enjoyed. Again, you would be able to browse most of the world and local US content, but when it comes to major network content, non-US users will not be able to access it normally.

  • carlos02 June 2013

    are there any movies available in spanish ?

    • freecast04 June 2013

      Yes Rabbit TV does have a Spanish-language movie selection, but right now it’s nowhere near as large as our English movie collection. We’ve heard a lot of requests from our Spanish-speaking users about adding more Spanish movies, so right now we’re working on building out an entire Spanish movie library. We should have it up in the coming weeks.

  • Winnipeg02 June 2013

    Is this available for Canada residents?

    • freecast04 June 2013

      While you will be able to access most of the content found in the Rabbit TV guide, our featured content (the shows/movies/etc we put on our homepage and primary navigation) is intended for US audiences and is subject to location restrictions, so in Canada it’s likely you would not be able to access this content through Rabbit TV. You would be able to view the majority of the World Channels and most likely the local US channels as well, but not the major network content (ABC, NBC, Fox, History, MTV, etc.).

  • lexy02 June 2013

    can you watch movies,Sci-fi etc but in Spanish???

    • freecast04 June 2013

      Right now the Rabbit TV Spanish-language movie selection is in its early stages, so there are only a few dozen to choose from, but we’re working hard to build a comprehensive Spanish movie library, which should be done in the next couple of weeks.

  • Frank05 June 2013

    I live across the country from my favorite NCAA and NFL teams, can I view them on Rabbit TV?

    • freecast12 June 2013

      With Rabbit TV you can watch LIVE coverage of Thursday and Sunday night NFL games absolutely free. You can also subscribe to watch every game of the season, but that requires an extra monthly or one-time fee.

      As far as NCAA, Rabbit TV does link to a number of free high profile NCAA games throughout the year (basketball, football, etc.), but which games/teams can be watched depends on availability.

  • Dianne Carpenter09 June 2013

    Can I watch Fox Business News channel Live? all shows? some shows? archived shows?

    • freecast12 June 2013

      The Rabbit TV guide does include a live stream of the Fox Business News channel as well as Fox News shows (both recent and archived).

  • xixix10 June 2013

    i live in puerto rico will it work here too. is a colony of USA?

    • freecast12 June 2013

      We’ve talked to a few Rabbit TV users who have attempted to use Rabbit TV in Puerto Rico, and from what we’ve heard there are still content restrictions for certain shows and movies (some major networks and production companies can’t be viewed).

      As stated in other comments, Rabbit TV has not control over content restrictions outside of the US.

  • freecast12 June 2013

    Rabbit TV is currently only available on Windows and Mac computers, but we’re working on a mobile app to expand to tablets and smartphones (both iOS and Android). After we finish that, we’ll be looking into apps for gaming consoles (like Wii) as well as set top boxes.

  • freecast12 June 2013

    If you’re having issues using/starting Rabbit TV, you can head over to to speak with one of our live operators, who can help you with any issue you may be having.

  • VictoriaLace13 June 2013

    Does anyone know if you can run Rabbit through your Wii? I want receive Rabbit to my livingroom…. the computer is in third bedroom.

    • freecast13 June 2013

      Right now Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac computers. We’re working on Android and iOS app versions of Rabbit TV, which should be coming out in the coming months. After that we’ll be working on other apps for set top boxes and gaming consoles (like Wii), but for right now you need a computer to run Rabbit TV.

  • Frustrated13 June 2013

    I have tried to get the rabbitTV to work on my computer I plugged it in and nothing happened and before you tag me on all the other stuff I should try… I’ve tried it. I went online to try and download the program and it said that the the usb wasn’t connected and it was so what am I doing wrong?

    • freecast18 June 2013

      Have you spoken with a live chat operator at ? They can most likely resolve any issue you’re having. If you’ve already done that and still can’t get it working, message us back and we’ll make sure you get in to Rabbit TV.

  • STORMDANCER17 June 2013

    I just bought my Rabbit TV today and I LOVE IT! It does not replace your Cable or Satellite, but what it does do, it does INCREDIBLY WELL! In my opinion it is MUCH, MUCH better than cable! It saves me SOOOO much time by searching out content on the internet and bringing it to me. I haven’t hooked my TV up to it yet, but I plan to soon. The service that it provides is worth WAY more than $10 a year! I wish you guys the very best of success! I LOVE your product! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

    • freecast18 June 2013

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying Rabbit TV!

  • Joshua17 June 2013

    I am thinking about buying this. Do you have any Baby First TV shows on there? My son is 1 and the channel isn’t available where we are moving. Thanks for any info you may have.

    • freecast18 June 2013

      Yes the Rabbit TV guide does include Baby First TV along with a number of other entertainment choices for children of all ages.

  • armin21 June 2013

    so with rabbit tv you can watch live cabel channels?

    • freecast27 June 2013

      It’s important to understand that Rabbit TV isn’t like a cable or satellite subscription. You can’t watch live broadcasts of major networks like you can on cable, but you can watch thousands of on-demand episodes from those major networks (ABC, MTV, Fox, History, etc.) anytime. Rabbit TV does have a selection of live channels, but they are mostly news channels (Bloomberg, CNBC, etc.) and web-only channels (special-interest, cooking, technology).

  • hootnanny27 June 2013

    Can I use the rabbit tv thumb drive in 1 computer and in another computer? Or do I have to buy two of them?

    • freecast27 June 2013

      You can use Rabbit TV on as many different computers as you want. You just need to make sure you log out of one computer before you plug it into the other to avoid any login issues.

  • freecast27 June 2013

    Currently Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac computers, so you need to hook up your computer to your TV if you want to watch on your TV.

  • Teresa27 June 2013

    I am planning on buying one of these tomorrow, maybe more. I would like to send one to my husband who is deployed also, I am curious though, can I plug this directly into my smart tv which has internet and a usb port?

    • freecast28 June 2013

      No. Currently, Rabbit TV is only compatible with Windows and Mac computers, so you can’t plug it directly into your Smart TV. We are working on smart TV app versions of Rabbit TV which you will be able to download directly to any smart TV, but those won’t be available until later in the year. For now you can connect your computer to your TV with a simple HDMI cable, which will allow you to enjoy Rabbit TV on the big screen. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

  • buddha28 June 2013

    May i ask what countries can rabbit tv be used?? Canada? Asia?

  • B-UD28 June 2013

    So all it does is provide links to potentially shady websites that post videos that you could otherwise find yourself for free.

    • freecast28 June 2013

      Rabbit TV is a complete guide to watching TV shows, movies, events, and more online. Everyday we search, update, organize, and categorize over 2 MILLION video links from thousands of sources, updating you with the newest, freshest, highest quality content on the web. Our extremely user-friendly visual guide makes it easy and fun explore a world of content or find exactly the content you’re looking for without wasting time on searching, all for just $10 a year. Additionally, all the sites we link to are safe and completely legal (no “shady” sources). Let us know if you have any other questions or comments.

  • coco28 June 2013

    My computer is not working but I do have internet but i can only asses it through my ps3 will it work.

    • freecast28 June 2013

      Rabbit TV is currently only compatible with Windows and Mac computers, so you’ll need an actual computer to access it. We’re working on apps for mobile devices and gaming consoles, but for now you need the computer.

  • Kevin30 June 2013

    Rabbit TV commercials say that I can plug this into any
    computer, that’s false advertising, I have a computer and I plugged it
    into the USB slot, but guess what? I run Linux, I’m not important enough
    to access 5000 Free TV Channels. I never thought about reading the back
    of the box because I am not installing software and not to mention the
    fact I was told via commercials that I could plug this into ANY
    computer, what a pain. If you are going to exclude an ever growing
    segment of computer users then please make it clear in your commercials
    that we are not important to you and therefore excluded. Thanks a lot.

  • Stone Cold06 July 2013

    With Rabbit TV can I watch live NFL games on Sunday afternoons on out of state channels?

    • freecast08 July 2013

      No, DirecTV currently has exclusive rights to Sunday afternoon games, and they’re not available to watch online anywhere. You CAN watch Sunday Night Football with Rabbit TV, however, as well as Thursday and Monday Night.

  • Spencer07 July 2013

    Do you have to have Internet or use Internet all the time to watch rabbit tv?

    • freecast08 July 2013

      Yes, Rabbit TV requires an Internet connection.

  • MJ09 July 2013

    How does one become a rabbit tv member?

    • freecast09 July 2013

      You just need to purchase a Rabbit TV USB Device. You can find it at just about any Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, CVS, or you can buy it online at

  • Jamey Crutchfield18 July 2013

    My Rabbit Tv has changed language all of the sudden. When I hover TV Movies etc at top it shows links in Chinese How do I fix that ??

    • freecast18 July 2013

      Are you using Google Chrome? There’s nothing in the Rabbit TV system that would allow for switching between languages, so my guess is it’s in your browser. If you can’t figure it out, try going to and talk to one of our live chat operators, who can walk you through a solution.

      • Jamey Crutchfield20 July 2013

        I changed back to IE as default and the language is correct. I prefer Chrome, but I can deal with it. Ty for your help.

  • Gary Bensen21 July 2013

    The statement that you can not view live feeds from normal cable channels is not true. The cable networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS are under the live feeds’.

  • PK21 July 2013

    I love football and want to be able to watch my local team on Sundays in the office. Will I be able to stream my local NFL football teams game every week?? I live in Seattle and want to watch the Seahawks from my laptop. Does Rabbit TV stream these games every week?

  • John28 July 2013

    I would like to know if I can watch college football live.Specifically NOTRE DAME football.There home games are on NBC.One more concern can I watch college football on ESPN.

  • Satisfied Seniors01 August 2013

    My husband and I are retirees and purchased Rabbit TV about two months ago. The $10 pricetag was perfect for our budget. We are totally satisfied with it. Excellent selection of premium and free movies. All the tv shows on demand. Plus a great offering of free radio station broadcasts as well. This includes live and archived. This is the greatest value I’ve seen in a long long time. Will save a bundle and it does just what the ad says it will do. Try it. I know you’ll be glad you did!

  • Richard Oswalt01 August 2013

    I Have Rabbit tv and it won’t work it won’t install what can I Do ?

  • Brenda03 August 2013

    My husband is a NASCAR man. Do you get this on tv or is it a pay per view thingy with the rabbit? We’ve had to cancel our cable company due to furlough, but we kept the internet. Husband needs his sport! Help.

  • crsyndenny10 August 2013

    Does the rabbit tv offer channels in high definition? I’ve tried finding answers on many websites but can’t find anything to tell me whether or not I can watch HD shows. All my tv’s are HD & my most recent laptop is if someone could please let me know I’d really appreciate it..Thanks

    • freecast12 August 2013

      As long as you have a high speed Internet connection you should be able to view most network programming in HD through Rabbit tV. Usually 2.0 Mbps or faster connection is enough to watch uninterrupted HD programming (no buffering/choppiness).

  • HB15 August 2013

    Can you watch ABC Family on this?

  • Vero4U15 August 2013

    I bought one, plugged it into my laptop and 5 minutes later I found and was watching an episode I had missed from a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been searching all over the internet for! That alone was worth the $10! I spent more on dinner tonight than I did for this thing! Awesome!

  • EdenMarie16 August 2013

    Help! I am excited to use my rabbit, but my tablet only has a small hdmi port. Can I buy a cable to go from USB to HDMI?

    • freecast19 August 2013

      Unless your tablet runs Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or Mac OS, then you won’t be able to run Rabbit TV on it. We’re working on a mobile/tablet version of Rabbit TV, but that won’t be available for a couple of months.

  • saradune18 August 2013

    windows 8 does not allow the rabbit tv ….. so , what can I do? is there anyway to by pass this block? or it just does not operate with w8.

    • freecast19 August 2013

      Your Rabbit TV should work with Windows 8. If you’re having trouble installing Rabbit TV on your device, go to to chat with one of our live operators 24/7, who can help you with any issue you may be having.

  • Jada18 August 2013

    when i went to watch a movie it said i have to purchase the movie off of amazon i think this is a scam to rid people of hundreds of dollars whats the problem or am i just right

    • freecast19 August 2013

      Rabbit TV is a guide to the world of online TV. Most of the content available through Rabbit TV is free, but for the content that’s not available for free we offer our users the option to purchase pay-per-view content via our partner Amazon.

  • robinkilgore20 August 2013

    It should work ANYWHERE that you can get access to the web.

  • robinkilgore20 August 2013

    Does RabbitTV offer a “SEARCH” function so that I can look for a specific movie or program ?

    • freecast29 August 2013

      Yes it does. Just type in the show or movie you want to watch in the Rabbit TV search bar and we connect you directly to the content.

  • Robin27 August 2013

    Our Verizon Wireless usage went up dramatically after watching for a couple of hours of rabbittv. Is that normal to pull that much bandwidth? Anyone else having this problem?

    • freecast29 August 2013

      Rabbit TV shouldn’t consume any more data than you would use watching videos/movies/shows online.

  • Ryo-Ohki04 September 2013

    I got my device last night and I’m already happy with it. Just the anime I caught alone is worth it. True, it’s hard looking up movies, but once you understand how the device works and how to scan the libraries, it’s not bad. I had been curious, so I figured since it’s only 10 bucks.. it’s worth a shot. And as I see, someone pointed out that HuluPlus is 7.99 a month. With the RabbitTv device, you pay 10 bucks a YEAR and can access the same services.

  • daniel07 September 2013

    OK, i’m looking into this rabbit TV. So I have questions. Will I still be able to watch the shows I like (the walking dead, american horror story, sons of anarchy)?

  • LAdkins44009 September 2013

    I love Rabbit TV! I watched Mork and Mindy the other day and I haven’t seen that show in years!

  • Neysa10 September 2013

    My girl ask does she have to have a good internet service to use rabbit tv ir no internet required to use it?

  • Ron10 September 2013

    Is it possible to use my Roku box to stream Rabbit TV to my TV. Would an app such as Plex work? I would like to run the rabbit in the background and allow my computer to be used for other things at the same time without having it tied to my TV.

  • Ron10 September 2013

    Is it possible to use a Roku box to stream Rabbit TV to my TV using an app such as Plex? I would like to run Rabbit TV in the background and use the computer for other tasks at the same time without having the computer wired to the TV.

  • SouledOut Johnson18 September 2013

    I just bought the Rabbit TV and my family and I feel it’s amazing. It has a very simple interface now real uploading/ downloading to do just plug n play. I use HDMI to connect via TV and the picture quality is perfect. Thanks Rabbit TV Netflix either has to step up with something better or every like myself will hop on over to this product without thought!

    • freecast24 September 2013

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying Rabbit TV!

  • Liz24 September 2013

    Can I watch TCM Channels on Rabbit TV?

    • freecast24 September 2013

      Hey Liz, TCM doesn’t generally offer their programming for free online, so the answer is no, but we do have a huge selection of classic movies from all over the Internet in our Movies section.

  • Lee05 November 2013

    Thanks for the great overview of Rabbit TV, it was very great and useful

  • Buttons18 November 2013

    Would this work in New Zealand and how much would it cost in $NZ. Do all shows are +1 which isn’t really worth it. Why can’t you give us free trial, especially those outside US. If it worked I’d have no problem playing, but the posts here are son confusing that it turns people off.

  • Katrin21 November 2013

    In the future, I would love to see my Rabbit TV available to work with my Roku device.

  • allen16 July 2014

    can i stream it to my tv with my chromecast

  • rod04 August 2014

    Can u plug rabbit tv into my x box

  • M22111 August 2014

    Give R/TV a break. Less than $10. So you move into lonely apt. You have a tv but no cable because you can’t afford it. You have no music, all you hear are the neighbors but you do have a pc. Right when your beginning to think to much and feel like a “loser”, you go out and buy a R/TV!! You insert the rabbit and it’s cheap entertainment you wouldn’t of had otherwise ! Actually I was very sceptuble but it is loaded and well worth it!!

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