Rabbit TV Says ‘Whats Up…DOCC?’ to Original Channels
FreeCast Launches Project DOCC, ‘Delivering Original Content Channels’ to Millions of Viewers
FreeCast Inc, operators of ‘The World’s Largest Intertainment Guide’ Rabbit TV, today released details of their latest endeavor, referred to as ‘Project DOCC’, allowing any individual, group, or organization to collect content that they’re enthusiastic about and organize it into a channel for others who share their interests, without the prohibitive costs of broadcast television. Because the All New Rabbit TV Plus is focused on highly targeted content, no niche is too small to have a home on Rabbit TV.
Whether your content focuses on quilting, candy-making, or underwater basket weaving, the world’s most powerful media guide will deliver viewers who share your passion. This targeted audience allows for equally targeted advertising, with 100% of ad revenues going to the channel creator. The company is giving everyone the same opportunities to share content and create revenue that are enjoyed by multi-billion dollar media companies.
CEO William Mobley summed up FreeCast’s enthusiasm in a recent article by research firm SNL Kagan: “We’re beginning to add our own channels where people are coming to us who are content creators – people who want to do the Beer Channel or the Quilter’s Channel or one of the main guys here runs the Outdoor Cooking Channel, which is all about barbeque. Those creators keep 100% of their in-stream ad revenue and we make our money on the guide pages, no different than TV Guide did for 50 years.”
FreeCast Inc has come to the same realization as billions of Internet users worldwide: that content from the web can be just as compelling as that produced by the studios, and will certainly be a part of the television experience of the future. FreeCast Inc’s meteoric rise, attracting millions just months after its launch, is due in large part to the company’s dedication to bringing consumers the next generation television experience via the All New Rabbit TV Plus, laying claim to its title as the Global Intertainment Company.