LAS VEGAS, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On the first day of the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Rabbit TV has already begun amassing a huge amount of web content deals out of the gate thanks to its newly announced Content Partnership Program. The program, which offers a 100% revenue-share turnkey solution for targeted web content delivery, has proven to be a massive success with the hundreds of producers at the show seeking to monetize their content, which generally falls into one of Rabbit TV’s monetizable categories:
Programming that is unable to make it on major networks
– Niche special interest content seeking a launch-pad
– Aged premium content looking for a second life on the web
With everything from its clever video promotions on taxi TV screens city-wide to its full page tab divider ad in tens thousands of show guides, the company’s powerful message has taken a front seat at the show, with attendees and exhibitors throughout the convention buzzing about Rabbit TV.
For those who still wondered what exactly Rabbit TV is, the company’s identity and mission are now becoming clear. The company has defined itself as the first truly ‘agnostic aggregator’ of content, enabling all types of entertainment media worldwide. Through its innovative interactive programming guide, Rabbit TV services consumers who are looking to access media anywhere on all devices.
“There are all types of video content out there, ranging from free to premium and a la carte from all over the world. We don’t want to restrict ourselves with a licensed-only content model. We see ourselves as the Switzerland of the media industry,” says FreeCast CEO William Mobley.
FreeCast Inc, Rabbit TV’s operating company, has also revealed that it will be making an unprecedented announcement at the show tomorrow expected to transform the world of Original Web Programming, which has become a major agenda item in recent months on the plates of top media giants like Netflix, Amazon, and now even Yahoo.