FreeCast’s recently redesigned Rabbit TV apps offer a high quality and consistent TV experience across smartphones and tablets.

FreeCast continues to utilize apps to attract new customers after selling over 4 million Rabbit TV subscriptions. Following the launch of a much celebrated Facebook app, newly updated apps for Android and iOS have now been made available for download.  Having been redesigned from the ground up, these new apps now offer hundreds of streaming channels and thousands of pay-per-view television and movie titles, updated daily, making for a seamless TV experience that you can take with you anywhere. While these features have been available to Rabbit TV Plus subscribers, these overhauled apps are focused on delivering a high quality and consistent experience on mobile devices and no longer require third party browsers.
While Rabbit TV’s mobile apps have always been a convenience to subscribers, these refreshed apps are available to all users, allowing everyone to experience a small taste of Rabbit TV at no charge. With the option to upgrade to full “Plus” membership for just $10 a year, those users can then take advantage of instant on-demand access to over 350,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, a full calendar of live events and concerts, over 50,000 live radio stations, games and more. By allowing non-paying users a sampling of the premium Rabbit TV Plus service, FreeCast expects to accelerate its already rapid rate of growth. The new apps are now available for iOS and Android, with versions for ChromeCast and Windows devices currently in development.
CEO William Mobley explained the benefits of the new mobile apps, and the strides made over previous versions. “We’ve learned a lot since launching Rabbit TV Lite on Facebook and listening to user feedback. As a result, we’ve rebuilt our mobile apps from scratch to make them easier to use and more enjoyable. Our free apps now boast as many channels as a big cable TV subscription, and you can carry them with you anywhere. That’s a big win for us, and for the consumer too.”
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