Redbox has announced that their familiar DVD rental kiosks won’t be very familiar in Canada very soon, as the company is pulling out of America’s northern neighbor. They explained that the Canadian machines just weren’t meeting expectations, which is unsurprising as DVD rentals falter worldwide, thanks largely to the rise of online streaming video services which include both subscription-based and pay-per-view options. The unlucky Redbox kiosks will cease offering new rentals next Friday, the 13th, but will continue to accept returned DVDs until March 5th.
Many are wondering what’s next for Redbox, especially since the company ended its short-lived SVOD partnership with Verizon known as Redbox Instant last year. Failing to keep up with rivals like Netflix in the online space, many predicted a bleak future for the DVD rental company. Netflix once tried to spin-off it’s shrinking mail order DVD rental business, sending a clear signal that they didn’t think there was bright future in it, while the demise of Blockbuster Video also comes to mind. With Redbox backing out of Canada, many experts are wondering US locations could follow.