FreeCast’s device and service bundle will provide more content and more features than pay-TV at a fraction of the price.

FreeCast Inc is shedding more light on its plans to disrupt the pay-TV industry with its upcoming Select TV set top box. At the NAB Show, the company unveiled the device itself, and more recently, Uber-style instant delivery plans in all 210 TV DMAs. Now FreeCast is detailing the total benefits to consumers of an affordable device and service combo that can offer a compelling replacement to pay-TV. For often less than price of a single monthly cable bill, consumers will be able to purchase the Select TV device, including one year’s worth of service, after which it will cost just $2.99 a month.
Select TV boasts many built-in features that replace or exceed those commonly associated with cable hardware and other third party set top boxes, such as full DVR capability (TiVo), a TV tuner that will allow you to receive live local broadcast channels with an HDTV antenna, WiFi Connectivity for web browsing and email (Living room PCs), integration with popular apps and more (Roku, Apple TV), screen casting (Chromecast), and more turning any set into “The Smartest TV Ever.” As a service, Select TV offers hundreds of thousands of TV episodes, movies, radio stations, live events, streaming channels, and more. From a robust base of programming included with the service, users can then add any additional content that they’d like from a plethora of à la carte premium and pay-per-view options.
While Apple, Sony, and others are working on the long-term challenge of streaming local TV programming, FreeCast is instead integrating those live local broadcasts into its Select TV offering via any HDTV antenna, in anticipation of incorporating those streaming offerings when they become available rather than waiting on them. CEO William Mobley noted how Select TV’s approach differed from that of other tech companies. “What’s great about our model is that we connect consumers to the content that they want, directly from the content providers. Other OTT companies trying to do virtual pay-TV are following the same business model that’s plagued cable. It depends on the consumer buying these big expensive bundles of content, most of which they don’t intend to watch, just to get a few things that they do. We’ve taken a different approach as an agnostic media aggregator, to be able to provide everything to everybody. With Select TV, it’s about the consumer, who can pick and pay for exactly what they want, and nothing they don’t. Not only is it more affordable, it also goes with you everywhere on all of your WiFi-connected devices.”
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