FreeCast Inc has successfully enforced its trademark, reaching an agreement with the other company.

FreeCast Inc, the Global Intertainment Company behind SelectTV, Rabbit TV Plus, and other services powered by the company’s SmartGuide technology is not affiliated with the purveyors of a live video streaming device also known as Freecast Live. FreeCast Inc’s attorneys have reached out to the other firm, and both parties’ legal representation have settled on an amicable resolution.
The makers of the Kickstarter-funded streaming device agree to re-brand and cease using the Freecast name, and will be allowed one month to phase out use of the trademarked term. This will include development of a new brand identity, informing current customers and business partners of the new name, and developing new marketing assets to reflect the updated branding.
The term ‘FreeCast’ is a trademark of FreeCast Inc, registered in 2015, and in use since 2011. The company opposes all unauthorized use of its trademarks with other products and services.
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