For $10.99 a month, users will be able to access a VOD library and live streams from Showtime.

On July 12th, Showtime will launch a rival to HBO Now, the streaming service recently debuted by the rival network. Coming in at a significantly lower price, just $10.99 a month, Showtime hopes to overcome HBO’s head start as more long-time cable networks begin to shift to the web. The service, which will share the same simple ‘Showtime’ name with its cable cousin, will offer both an on-demand library of Showtime’s shows and movies, as well as a linear stream of programming like that seen with pay-TV subscriptions.
Showtime’s parent company, CBS, has thus far been a trailblazer in the OTT space, launching CBS All Access last year. The service has reportedly done very well for the company, as has Time Warner’s newer HBO Now offering, despite its premium price point at $15 a month. In contrast to HBO, Showtime’s OTT service will be available through Showtime’s existing website and smartphone apps, rather than under it’s own brand as is the case with HBO Go and HBO Now.
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