Sling Media has upgraded the guide for its high-end SlingTV and Slingbox 500 place-shifting devices to bring YouTube videos — in resolution up to 1080p HD — delivered in an integrated way alongside live cable or satellite TV channels.
The move is designed to make Sling’s boxes more appealing, as one of several features aimed at making the devices the primary way pay-TV customers opt to watch television. (Customers must still pay for a separate cable or satellite TV service.)
The new SlingTV and Slingbox 500 guide provides a contextual YouTube overlay during live TV, with the option to call up a row relevant YouTube thumbnails while live programming continues to play in the top two-thirds of the screen. For example, if you’re watching Jimmy Fallon doing his latest Neil Young impression on TV, you can watch the last time he did it on YouTube. Sling Media is using Audible Magic’s audio-fingerprinting technology to identify what’s playing on screen and pull up related YouTube videos.
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