This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas marks the debut of a slew of smart TV HDTVs and their portable counterparts, set-top boxes. While most companies are developing their own versions of each, the question still stands as to which will be more popular in the coming months, and more importantly, in the coming years.
Though both products are relatively new to the market and expect to see huge expansion in the coming years, there are arguments amongst consumers and developers alike as to what people are going to buy in both the long- and short-term.

For example, consumers who have recently bought an HDTV may be reluctant to shell out another $1000 or more to get a new set with an interface that is still in relative infancy, especially when set-top boxes with the same capabilities are available for about one tenth the price. However, this only really takes the short-term into account, and as full-integrated smart HDTVs become more common, many market analysts are predicting that set-top boxes will slowly be phased out.
For now, the future of smart TV remains cloudy, and only time will tell how the market is going to progress and which products are going find success in the constantly evolving market.
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