Yesterday marked the first day of CES 2012, and to no one’s surprise, one of the hottest topics of the day was the future of Google TV. Following its release last year, Google’s home-theater incarnation of the Android platform was met with limited enthusiasm.
At the time, only two companies offered Google TV products, and there were no apps to be heard of. This, combined with the lack of authorized content available for the smart TVs and the hefty price of Google TV products, led to a massively disappointing opening year.

Based on the events that took place yesterday at CES 2012, however, it appears as if that’s all going to change. Shortly after events kicked off, Google made an announcement that it would be partnering up with a number of electronics manufacturers, including Sony, LG, Vizio and Samsung, all of which will be offering Google TV HDTV sets and set-top boxes in the coming year.
Though these companies originally planned to develop competing app markets (and some still do), their decision to jump on the Google TV bandwagon should serve to breathe new life into the previously unsuccessful interface.
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