Sony’s long-planned cable television competitor, in the works for more than a year, is finally in beta testing with a planned rollout early next year. And while many details have yet to be revealed one thing is clear: Nearly anyone with a Playstation 3 or 4 and a good broadband connection will at least have another option when it comes to pay TV. With some innovative software, the Sony offering might be the kind of thing some customers are looking for. But the 75 channel offering will be missing some favorites, has restrictive rules around recording shows and by requiring game consoles could miss the very people that might find it attractive.
It’s about time this is happening
Much has been made over the past several years over “cord cutting,” the much talked about phenomenon under which people are allegedly canceling their cable subscriptions left and right in favor of Netflix and other streaming video services. The reality, however, is that mostly that isn’t happening. While we all know someone who doesn’t have cable, Comcast, DirecTV, et al. continue to have 90 million subscribers — a number that’s barely changed in the past several years.
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