It’s probably never been harder to get a movie made, but once your film is in the can, it’s never been easier to get it out there.
That’s especially true for the hundreds of indie filmmakers boarding flights for Park City, Utah (by way of Salt Lake City airport) this week for the Sundance Film Festival, which is the most visible part of the Los Angeles-based Sundance Institute, a year-round hive of all things indie filmmaking. And as Mashable can exclusively reveal, their tools for helping underdogs get their films onto digital services just got a nifty upgrade.
It’s called Quiver Digital, a distribution dashboard through which participants can very quickly and easily push their movies to iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Google Play, Vudu and Sony Entertainment Network, all at once and all in one place. No more need to deal with different distributors and their Byzantine conversion protocols, which can still be a headache-y and time-consuming process.
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