Last night marked the end of a historical day in many respects, as NBC became the first network to broadcast the Super Bowl Live for free over the internet. Going in, no one was really sure what kind of response viewers would have to the idea of using their laptop, pc, tablet or mobile device as a “second screen”, but as the day wore on, it became apparent that the concept had gained more popularity than anyone had expected.
The night was a stressful one for the Giants and Patriots, who locked horns in one of the most heavily contested Super Bowls of the decade, and although we can’t even begin to imagine the kind of pressure these teams were under, we at FreeCast had our own share of stress and excitement as we strived to bring you, the fans, a chance to watch the big game through our Facebook app and .com channel guide service.
Between Thursday and Sunday afternoon, was flooded with tens of thousands of registrations, even to the point that our registration page was overloaded twice prior to kickoff. Although this massive volume of traffic was exciting, it was a bit unexpected since we had intended for most users to be driven to our Facebook app, which was able to handle the huge amount of traffic without a problem.
Even so, watching the people flood into our site and app for the big game was certainly exhilarating, a lot like the feeling of running the hottest club in town, with people lined up all the way down the block waiting to get in. To add even more, our app was featured in thousands of articles and media outlets on the web, and we were even rated as one of the top Super Bowl apps by popular sites like and, an honor of which we are very proud.
In the end, last night was an incredible (albeit stressful) experience for us; it was truly a historical night for both FreeCast and the world as a whole, and now that it’s in the record books, we’d like to thank everyone who made it the huge success that it was! As we look forward, we’re excited about what’s on the horizon for FreeCast, and we hope you are too! With CBS’s March Madness right around the corner, we’re already working to enhance our technology to the point that a million registrations in one day can become a reality, and all our efforts are constantly focused on making the FreeCast experience better, smoother, faster, and generally more enjoyable for our thousands of users.