With the country’s largest entertainment event just days away, it seems like everybody is getting ready for the big game. And nowhere is that more true than at FreeCast Inc. Believe it or not, the story of FreeCast actually begins with the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLVI, to be specific. Even before the launch of Rabbit TV, FreeCast Inc’s first foray into the online streaming space was becoming one of a handful of sites to stream the Super Bowl live via the internet. This was at a time when online streaming was still secondary to traditional television, and the cord cutting trend was not at the forefront of the industry’s mind, so the entire effort was really a bit of an experiment.
In 2011, FreeCast Inc created a Facebook app that delivered every play of the big game via the web. What we soon realized was that it also allowed users to interact with their friends in real time while watching. Without realizing it, we had created the very first social TV experience, long before hashtags began appearing regularly in primetime programs. There’s no way we could have predicted the success of this effort, with over 100,000 people tuning in online through our app alone, many of them having virtual Super Bowl Parties using our app and Facebook’s core features. That was when we knew that there was a bright future in streaming media, and that we could be a part of it. FreeCast Inc went on to stream the 2012 Summer Olympics as well, before finally launching a complete streaming solution: Rabbit TV.
While FreeCast has diversified since then, bringing over 250,000 TV episodes, 100,000 movies, 50,000 radio stations, 300 live channels, music, live events, games and more to over 3.5 million Rabbit TV Plus users, the Super Bowl remains an important event for us. The 2012 Super Bowl experiment proved to us that our vision for television was shared by consumers, and now in 2015, the big game remains the perfect event to showcase the future of television.
For decades, the Super Bowl has generally meant families and friends gathering around a couch in front of a living room TV, which has of course always been tethered to a living room wall with a cable jack. Rabbit TV was designed to deliver entertainment on your terms, including the biggest sporting event of the year. Now an outdoor barbecue can replace the living room as a Super Bowl party venue. Those who might otherwise miss the game can now stream it on a mobile device from anywhere with an internet connection. Even those who aren’t interested in the game can find plenty more to watch from a massive library of free and pay-per-view content. With a single live event being so highly in demand, the Super Bowl is Rabbit TV’s best time to shine.
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