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Hell’s Kitchen Online


When you pin 15 aspiring chefs against one another in a television cooking competition and leave their fate up to the harshly critical celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, you get ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, Fox’s hit reality show. In the show, Ramsay eliminates contestants based on their performance...

Watch The Choice Online


Fox’s new reality game show ‘The Choice’ has plenty of star power for a dating show, as lucky contestants respond to questions from famous celebrities, who are seated with their backs to them. Each episode features four celebrities in revolving chairs, who are not able...

Fox Premiere Dates for Fall 2012


Fox ‘s fall lineup in 2011 was one of the strongest among the broadcast networks. With popular series like the time-tested ‘Glee’, the surprise hit ‘New Girl’, and the new Keifer Sutherland drama ‘Touch’, among others, the Fox executives had plenty to be celebrating about,...

House Episodes Online


Click Here to Watch ‘House’ Online for Free ‘House M.D.’ focuses on the life and relationships of central character Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), a relatively unusual and detached medical genius who works with a medical diagnostics team in New Jersey. Most episodes of Fox’s ‘House’ involve...