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Who Won at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards?


There weren’t too many surprise winners at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, as young music sensations Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift won the majority of the Teen Choice music awards and ‘Glee’, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ combined to win...

Fox Premiere Dates for Fall 2012


Fox ‘s fall lineup in 2011 was one of the strongest among the broadcast networks. With popular series like the time-tested ‘Glee’, the surprise hit ‘New Girl’, and the new Keifer Sutherland drama ‘Touch’, among others, the Fox executives had plenty to be celebrating about,...

Watch Glee Episodes Online Free


Click Here to Watch ‘Glee’ Online for Free ‘Glee’ is a dramedy following the lives of members in the high school glee club, New Directions. The audience is given insight into New Directions preparation for show choir competitions as well as their relationships with one another....