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Live coverage of Houston vs Green Bay begins Sunday at 8:20pm ET.

The Packers vs Texans football game is streaming live online at FreeCast.Football fans are in for a real treat Sunday night when the Green Bay Packers take on the undefeated Houston Texans. It will be a battle between two of the best offenses in the NFL and could very likely be the game of the week.
While the Texans vs Packers Sunday Night Football will be airing live on NBC, NFL fans are welcome to visit FreeCast and watch the game live online for free. That’s right, it’s Packers vs Texans Sunday Night Football live online, absolutely free. Just visit FreeCast’s Live Events page online and check out our Live Streaming Coverage Guide.
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Houston comes into Sunday Night Football as quite possibly the best team in the AFC at this point. They have a killer defense, headlined by star defensive end JJ Watt and an electric offense that includes Arian Foster, Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. Houston should give Green Bay all they can handle so be sure to watch the Texans vs Packers Sunday Night Football live online with FreeCast to see two of the NFL’s best go at it.
Green Bay hasn’t fared so well to start the 2012 NFL season. They come into Sunday Night Football at Houston with a 2-3 record and are now without wide receiver Greg Jennings, running back Cedric Benson and defensive tackle BJ Raji. Benson looks to be done for the year while Jennings and Raji’s status’ are relatively unknown following this week.
However, Green Bay does still have Aaron Rodgers and plenty of playmakers so they shouldn’t be taken likely. Be sure to watch the Packers at Texans live online for free as Rodgers and the Green Bay offense try to work out the kinks and come away with an impressive road win in week 6.
If you’re looking to watch NBC’s Sunday Night Football between the Houston Texans and the Green Bay Packers, just remember to head on over to FreeCast and check out our Live Events page. There, you’ll see a link for the Packers vs Texans live stream so you can begin watching Sunday Night Football live online. Start watching the Texans vs Packers live online for free at 8:20pm ET.