We have seen a variety of camps when it comes to cord cutters.  For some, cord cutting is an instantaneous conviction. In other cases, the goal is to remove the monthly $100 to $300 cable bill from their lives and this is not strictly and economic decision for the poor as suggested by “experts”. Lastly, the semi cord cutter uses online streaming or VOD services as a supplemental resources until the day comes when they can seamlessly migrate to pure online streaming from any device which is technology that already available and only improving by the day.


Articles like this – http://www.tvpredictions.com/tv031914.html are part of  plan to hush the expansion and awareness of the cord-cutting revolution that has been taking place. Just look at the responses and you will see the disdain for the outlandish propaganda.  In actuality, these types of promotions and “data” help the cause of cord-cutters by bringing to light the current events at hand and creating disruption in the industry.
Here are our favorite #CordCutter quotes of the day: 

” I still contend that if you could stream local sports teams every every guy I know would cut the chord.”  –  JP
“The first victims in the linear channel world will be the movie packages which are the easiest to replace via streaming”  – elbooko
“People are cancelling pay TV not only because of the constant rising of the prices, but the quality of the programming being offered.” – ChiNW