When people focus on streaming services, they always talk about the bigger ones… you know, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and so on. The “big guys” get all the attention. However, there are plenty of other emerging services you’ve probably never heard of that are worth looking into. Many of them are niche services that only cost a few dollars.
The nice thing about these smaller services is that they have a way of filling in the blanks that occur in the bigger ones. Everyone loves Netflix, but if you’re a sports fan or feel they don’t offer enough comedy, you can sign up to one of these smaller streaming services to have the perfect streaming collections.
Let’s take a look at a few worth checking out.
SeeSo: SeeSo is a comedy lover’s dream. At only four bucks a month, it includes every season of Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, and several other SeeSo original comedy shows. Seeso can be part of your Amazon Prime membership or you can order it on its own. It’s available to be watched on a variety of devices.
SelectTV: Rather than a streaming service, SelectTV is a streaming aggregator. You can find movies and TV shows from all over the Internet. It even includes content on Hulu, and other premium services, so you can watch it whenever you want without having to switch from service to service to find it. Like listening to the radio? SelectTV features radio stations and a slew of other content that will make your streaming entertainment needs easier.
Daily Burn: Daily Burn is a unique offering in the streaming world. Focusing on physical fitness, Daily Burn offers you the chance to stream thousands of workout videos. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, for every fitness level. Whether you like kickboxing, dancing, yoga, or something more extreme, Daily Burn has got you covered. Daily Burn is slightly more expensive than some streaming services, at $15 a month, but it’s definitely cheaper than a gym membership. Not to mention, it features new live workouts every day.
Shudder TV: If you’re a horror fan, Shudder TV is a must-have. Like SeeSo is for comedy, Shudder has all you need if you’re a horror lover. From haunted houses to possessions and cult classics, Shudder TV offers collections curated specifically to your horror interests. And best of all, it’s a complete bargain at just $5 a month. Great for those sick of the terrible horror selection in Netflix.
Drama Fever: Korean drama has experienced an explosion of popularity in the U.S. over the last year. No wonder there’s a niche streaming service devoted to the genre. Drama Fever is free to watch with ads. You can also choose to pay $5 per month to do away with ads. Watch on the web, Roku, Apple TV, and many other devices.
There are tons of smaller streaming services out there and new ones emerging every day. Most of them offer free trials, so make sure to experiment so you can find the best collection of services for you.
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