The DVR company claims that most cord-cutters are actually abandoning satellite TV services rather than cable.

Following a study of their own customers, DVR-maker TiVo has revealed some interesting information on the make up of so-called “cord cutters.” One in particular is that the term “cord cutters” may be a bit of a misnomer. TiVo’s president and CEO Tom Rogers had this to say: “The data we’ve collected shows a clear trend — satellite TV subscribers are more likely than cable subscribers to cut the cord in favor of an OTA DVR.” Less surprising was the reason for the switch. According to the survey, cost was most often cited as driving their decision to dump the dish. Similar studies have also revealed that the same is true for cable. It’s unclear why people seem to be cutting satellite TV service faster than cable, given the similarity of both their offerings and prices.
Much of TiVo’s data comes from users of the company’s TiVo Roamio device, a DVR box specifically for over-the-air broadcasts that has gained popularity among cord cutters. That alone speaks to the growth of the cord-cutting trend, by showing that users wanted advanced features like DVR, but without the high bills associated with cable and satellite TV, opting instead for the limited offerings of free over-the-air stations, often alongside OTT subscription services. Several OTT apps are also baked in to TiVo’s Roamio device.
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