Tomorrow there will be two important hearings on Capitol Hill calling on technology and communications experts to discuss the future of broadband regulation. The hearings will consider a new draft bill that would codify core principles of network neutrality into law – ensuring Internet openness by prohibiting Internet blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization along with transparency of business practices. At the first hearing, before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, NCTA President and CEO Michael Powell will testify while Tom Simmons, Senior Vice President of Midcontinent Communications (a cable operator that serves 300,000 customers in the upper Midwest) will testify before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.
Both Powell and Simmons will deliver a message that supports legislative action to grant the FCC direct legal authority to enforce strong network neutrality rules. Importantly, the draft bill protects core consumer interests and open Internet principles without sacrificing the incentives that lead to the explosion in broadband innovation and access that has defined the last two decades. And it would end the decade-long controversy over the FCC’s efforts to establish sustainable network neutrality protections.
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