The entertainment industry loves buzzwords, and a popular one these days is “TV Everywhere.” If your like most cable subscribers, you probably pay a triple-digit cable bill each month to have 24 hours of content on hundreds of channels piped directly into your house. But as cable bills have risen, as has the usage of smartphones and other mobile devices, consumers have begun to question paying such a high cost for a service that is literally anchored to a wall in your home. Far more complex and powerful computers have been shrunk down to fit into pockets, now known as smartphones, your cable box probably looks pretty similar to one from decades ago. That’s where the idea of “TV Everywhere” came from. In theory, that might suggest that you can watch TV, those pricey channels that you pay for each month, anywhere you want, on any device. In practice, that is far from the case.
For many TV providers, a TV Everywhere offering may consist of little more than a list of apps from various TV networks, each of which requires you to log in with your subscription account information. Some even add additional restrictions, such as only being able to watch via WiFi, or even only on your own home’s WiFi network. While apps are available for many of the most popular networks on TV, you’ll only find a fraction of the hundreds of channels you get represented there. And you’d better hope that you own the right brand of tablet or smartphone, since these apps generally only work on Android or iOS devices, and sometimes just one or the other of the two. Even within apps for given network, your selection can be limited to just recent episodes or top shows, while live content such as sports and news can be hit or miss. All of this adds up to a TV Everywhere experience that isn’t very much like the TV service that you pay for at all.
Despite the disappointment, there’s a better alternative out there, and while your cable company won’t tell you about it, your cord-cutting neighbor might. Rabbit TV Plus is the ultimate TV Everywhere solution. As an aggregator it brings together all the content that’s spread across different sources, unlike the singular apps that a TV provider might recommend. The service has been heralded by cord-cutters as a savings tool, offering a competitor to traditional cable at just $10 a year. But at such a low price, it’s useful as a great supplement to pay-TV packages (and their disappointing TV Everywhere offerings) as well. Rabbit TV Plus is the true TV Everywhere experience, allowing you to take all of your favorite shows with you, and watch them on any device, anywhere with an internet connection.