Recent OTT Networks include HBO, CBS, Sling TV, and Apple TV. Now FreeCast Inc follows with its announcement to become the agnostic Media Aggregation Platform (MAP) for it all.

Rabbit TV Plus
FreeCast Inc, the operators behind Rabbit TV Plus, announced today their strategic online plans which they anticipate will succeed the hardwired infrastructure of the cable and satellite giants in the eyes of consumers, major media networks, advertisers, and investors alike. The newly launched “Media Aggregation Platform”, or MAP, will service Rabbit TV Plus’ nearly 4 million paid subscribers by centralizing all popular free and paid VOD content from across the web, together with live events, streaming channels, radio stations, premium channels, and more. Now with new subscription-based libraries from traditional TV networks rapidly going online, FreeCast seeks to bring these many content sources together into a single marketplace, providing the consumer á la carte choices, on all their devices and a single payment system with a monthly statement.
Television began with 5 channels, then cable gave us 500. Now the Internet provides in excess of 50,000, with more added every day, often resulting in confusion and frustration for consumers who must track down, register or pay for, and log in to yet another website. Most consumers have no idea what is available online, and often simply give up if they don’t find what they’re looking for from a few well-known sources like Netflix or Hulu. Along with the wide range of new devices from which consumers can access content, this represents a big missed opportunity that FreeCast hopes to take advantage of, addressing this growing problem for the TV and movie industries.

William Mobley, CEO of FreeCast Inc, and formerly MegaMedia Networks, a company which delivered over 800,000 streams a day in the late 1990s, long before YouTube or Netflix, believes that his company is building the solution that consumers, media companies, and advertisers are all clamoring for. “The networks are racing to get online, but then what? These same networks exist together in the MSO sandbox with cable bundling, and as that dwindles they are now all pursuing their own strategies with direct-to-consumer sales online. However, the consumer simply wants to pick and pay for their own bundle of channels from an online emulation of what they had with cable, and on at least 3-4 device types. We can accomplish this for the consumers and major media networks with our Media Aggregation Platform. It’s Over-the-Top of OTT.” Mobley explained, citing the company’s moves as a logical and necessary next step in the evolution of the multi-trillion dollar media business.

By creating an agnostic marketplace, known by its clever new acronym “MAP”, the company aims to remedy perhaps the most pressing need as web-based TV takes off, buoyed by new networks going OTT each month. With today’s announcement, FreeCast Inc is staking their claim to a key role between the various networks, advertisers, and investors jockeying for a piece of the rapidly changing TV pie. By addressing consumers’ needs, Mobley is confident that his company has the potential not just to succeed, but to be a rising tide lifting all boats.

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