Rival cable providers Charter and Cox are rumored to be talking acquisition with Time Warner Cable.

It would appear that consolidation in the cable industry is inevitable. Ever since Comcast walked away from its mega-merger bid for Time Warner Cable, there’s been no shortage of rumors proposing tie-ups between other cable providers. Most seem to center on Time Warner Cable, the nation’s second largest cable provider that nobody seems to expect to remain independent for very long. Prior to the merger mess, Charter Communications had made an offer to Time Warner Cable, only to be out-bid by Comcast. Now that Comcast is out of the picture, it looks like Charter is about to re-kindle its old love interest in Time Warner. Though Time Warner Cable has also made it clear that they are still open to other merger partners besides Charter.
Rumors also surfaced recently that Time Warner Cable was in talks with another cable operator, Cox Communications, about a potential merger. Cox was reportedly uninterested, though both companies denied that merger talks had ever taken place. Bright House Networks, a smaller cable provider that was recently in Charter’s sights, could also soon find itself with a new merger partner. With the collapse of the Comcast/Time Warner deal, Charter could abandon its own bid for Bright House and focus on Time Warner instead, or Time Warner Cable could become a rival bidder and acquire Bright House Networks itself.
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