Gigaom is reporting that Spanish-language Univision channels will be coming to Dish Network’s Sling TV service. No word on when or in what form Univision channels will make their Sling debut, but some are suggesting that they could become available via an add-on package targeted at Hispanics, a demographic that is more likely to use streaming video services than other segments of the population. Currently Sling TV does not have any Spanish-language content.
DirecTV has also been experimenting with a streaming product for Spanish-speakers, dubbed “Ya Veo” which launched last year for $7.99 a month. It’s no coincidence that companies seeking success in the online video space are paying special attention to Latino audiences. Foreign content has traditionally done well over-the-top, with several sites specializing in delivering shows from Latin America and East Asia to viewers outside of those geographic areas. Korean dramas in particular have gained a cult-like following in the US, and with a growing Hispanic population, there’s rising demand for Spanish-language content.
The Internet makes it possible for high quality content to reach viewers, effectively without barriers. Ten years ago, if you wanted to watch a foreign television show, there was almost no way to do so without going to that country. Geographic borders are starting to fade from the perspective of the entertainment industry. The inclusion of Spanish-language and other foreign content in mainstream products like Sling TV just shows how what was once unheard of is becoming the norm.