The most unpopular company among consumers is not an airline. And it’s not a mobile phone company.
The honor goes to Time Warner Cable   Internet Service Provider, which placed last on the list of the Dec. 2014 University of Michigan’s American Consumer Satisfaction Index. On a list of 230 household brands surveyed, TWC scored 54 out of a possible 100, just behind Time Warner Cable’s television service (56), Comcast ISP (57) and United Airlines (60). Wal-Mart   was the most unpopular retailer on the list (71). The index scores each company based on more than 70,000 interviews conducted annually, and uses a customer satisfaction score, 10 economic sector scores, 43 industry scores, over 230 company scores, and more than 200 federal or local government service scores.
Cable companies have come under scrutiny in 2014 for their rising subscription rates and lack of choice within the market. Cable bills have more than doubled over the last decade and the average cable bill is roughly $112 per month, including Internet and telephone, according to research firm SNL Kagan. Earlier this year, TWC and Comcast announced plans to merge. (TWC has approximately 11 million video subscribers and Comcast   has around 22.6 million video customers.) More movies, television shows and live sporting events being produced by one company means less competition and more seller power, says Samuel Craig, director of the Entertainment Media and Technology Program at New York University’s Stern School of Business.
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