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Click to Watch NBC's Revolution Episodes Online.What would you do if all the electricity in the world suddenly went out? How would you cope? How would you even survive? What would you do to survive? This is the scenario and the exact questions that NBC’s new science fiction drama ‘Revolution’ asks.
Tracy Spiridakos (Being Human) plays ‘Revolution’s protagonist Charlie, a strong willed woman who fights for her survival in this apocalyptic powerless hellscape. Her brother, Danny, is captured one day by militia men for an unknown purpose. In order to rescue Danny, Charlie must seek the help of her estranged uncle Miles, played by Billy Burke (The Twilight Saga). Miles is a former US marine who now lives as a recluse, and Charlie has to bring him out back into the light of day for his help.
Together, they team with a group of survivors who set out to rescue Danny and overthrow the militia, hoping to also re-established America, however difficult that may be.
JJ Abrams (Lost, Fringe) produces NBC’s ‘Revolution’ along with Jon Favreau.
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