Watch Supernatural Full Episodes Online Free

Watch Supernatural Full Episodes Online Free

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‘Supernatural’ focuses on brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. When they were children, they lost their mother, and their father suspected that she had been taken by evil spirits. Learning from their father, the two boys quickly became expert hunters of the paranormal. Now, their father has gone missing, and its up to the two brothers (now adults) to track him down.

Episodes of ‘Supernatural’ air on The CW, but full episodes are available for free online.

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Supernatural History

Now going into its eighth season, Supernatural remains a pivotal part of the CW lineup. The show’s creator, Eric Kripke pitched the concept for the show for about ten years before making a few adjustments and landing a spot at the CW Network. Since its birth, Supernatural has won two People’s Choice Awards, one for Best Sci/Fi TV Series and another for Best Drama TV Series. In January 2011, the show was made into a Japanese animated series titled simply, Supernatural: The Animation.

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