TV fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming week (March 19). With the midseason coming to a close, most networks are transitioning into their spring schedule, which means viewers will have to say goodbye to some of their favorite shows for the now, but the changing of the seasons also brings with it a nice batch of new shows premiering over the next week, including ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Fox’s ‘Touch’ and NBC’s ‘Bent’.
Check out our list of recommendations to make sure you don’t miss any this week’s quality programming:

All Times are EST.
Season Premiere of ‘Dancing with the Stars’
(8:00p on ABC) Find it on FreeCast!
Season Finale of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ (8:00p on ABC Family) Find it on FreeCast!
Season Premiere of ‘The Little Couple’ (10:00p on TLC)
Season Finale of ‘Switched at Birth’ (8:00p on ABC Family)
Season Finale of ‘The River’ (9:00p on ABC)
Season Finale of ‘Southland’ (10:00p on TNT)
Series Premiere of ‘Bent’
(9:00p on NBC)
Series Premiere of ‘Duck Dynasty’ (10:00p on A&E)
Series Premiere of ‘Touch’ (9:00p on Fox)
Season Finale of ‘Project Runway All-Stars’ (9:00p on Lifetime)
Season Finale of ‘Archer’ (10:00p on FX)
Season Finale of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ (9:00p on CMT)
Got it?  Good. Now there’s no excuse for missing any of this week’s excitement, but if you do, remember that you’ll be able to find most of the episodes online the following day with