To say that there are a lot of season finales this week would be an understatement. In fact, it’s more like a perfect storm of finales as just about every Spring show is coming to an end for the time being.
Sure, there’s cause for sadness as we wave a temporary goodbye to shows like ‘Smash’ and ’30 Rock’, but their departure means the beginning of the Summer season, and though that usually means a lot of reruns and reality shows, there’s still some quality programming to look forward to in the coming months.
To save time and space, I’m just going to list every show that will be airing its season finale this week in chronological order.

Season Finales

All Times are EST.

Gossip Girl (8:00pm on The CW)
How I Met Your Mother (8:00pm on CBS)
Two and a Half Men (9:00pm on CBS)
Make it or Break it (9:00pm on ABC Family)
Hart of Dixie (9:00pm on The CW)
Mike and Molly (9:30pm on CBS)
Hawaii Five-0 (10:00pm on CBS)
Smash (10:00pm on NBC)
NCIS (8:00pm on CBS)
90210 (8:00pm on The CW)
NCIS: Los Angeles (9:00pm on CBS)
Private Practice (10:00pm on ABC)
Suburgatory (8:30pm on ABC)
Criminal Minds (9:00pm on CBS)
Missing (8:00pm on ABC)
30 Rock (8:30pm on NBC)
Rules of Engagement (8:30pm on CBS)
Grey’s Anatomy (9:00pm on ABC)
Community (8:00pm on NBC)
Person of Interest (9:00pm on CBS)
The Mentalist (10:00pm on CBS)
Scandal (10:00pm on ABC)
Nikita (8:00pm on The CW)
Shark Tank (8:00pm on ABC)
Supernatural (9:00pm on The CW)
Grimm (9:00pm on NBC)
Saturday Night Live (11:30pm on NBC)
The Simpsons (8:00pm on Fox)
Harry’s Law (8:00pm on NBC)
The Apprentice (9:00pm on NBC)
Family Guy (9:00pm on Fox)
The Cleveland Show (9:30pm on Fox)
If you’re depressed about so many great shows leaving primetime, keep in mind that almost all of the series listed will be coming back for a new season later this year.
Still need to vent your frustration? Well, that’s what the comment box below is for.