If you’re a fan of novelty, then this is your lucky week. In the past month or so, we’ve gotten used to three or four new premieres rolling in every week, but the coming days will be host to over a dozen series and season premieres. Sure, most of them aren’t destined to be smash hits (though who could resist titles like ‘Amish: Out of Order’ and ‘Mystery at the Museum), but there are a few hidden gems that are certainly worth a watch (like the premiere of HBO’s ‘Veep’).
Check out our list of weekly recommendations to help you decide which of the new shows will be worth watching this week:
All Times are EST.
Season Premiere of ‘Eureka’
(9:00p on SyFy)
In the final season of the popular sci-fi series, we jump ahead 4 years into the future as Astraeus once again returns to Eureka, but things are not as they once were…
Season Premiere of ‘Lost Girl’ (10:00p on SyFy)
The Light Fae headquarters have been bombed, but that’s the least of the crew’s worries.
Series Premiere of ‘Richard Hammond’s Crash Course’ (10:00p on BBC America)
‘Top Gear’s Richard Hammond heads over to the U.S. to test his mettle on some of the most highly-specialized vehicles in existence, including tanks, logging equipment, and other obscure pieces of heavy-duty machinery.
Series Premiere of ‘Amish: Out of Order’
(10:00p on NatGeo)
Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for – a look into the secret world of the Amish.  In this new series, ex-Amish are interviewed to find out exactly what goes on in American Amish communities.
Season Premiere of ‘Mystery at the Museum’ (9:00p on Travel)
As if museums weren’t already exciting enough, this series takes you behind the scenes with detailed histories of various historical items.  What kind of crazy hijinks will they get into this week?
Season Premiere of ‘Coast Guard Alaska’
(9:00p on Weather)
A surprisingly interesting show for a network that’s known more for its forecasts than original programming, this series follows the daring exploits of the Alaskan Coast Guards.
Series Premiere of ‘Kathy’
(10:00p on Bravo)
If there’s one thing D-list comedian Kathy Griffin is known for, it’s talking…a lot.  So it only makes sense that Bravo would decide to give her her own talk show.
Series Premiere of ‘Melissa & Tye’
(9:30p on CMT)
This reality show examines the life of borderline-celebrity Melissa Rycroft as she abandons her husband and child for a chance at becoming a movie-star.  How inspiring.
Season Premiere of ‘The Ricky Gervais Show’ (9:00p on HBO)
Ricky Gervais’ podcast-based animated series  starring himself, Stephen Merchant and the ever-hilarious Karl Pilkington returns with 13 new episodes.
Series Premiere of ‘Locked Up Abroad: Popped’ (8:00p on NatGeo)
This new incarnation of the mildly entertaining NatGeo show takes on a pop-up video style format, with random bits of information popping up on the screen to distract you from the repetitive storylines.
Series Premiere of ‘Veep’
(10:00p on HBO)
A new comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus (of ‘Seinfeld’ fame) as the Vice President of the United States.  Following its premiere on HBO, the pilot episode will be available for free online at HBO.com and Dailymotion, along with various other online platforms. Check out our last blog for more info.
Following their premieres, many of the shows listed will be available to watch online for free.  Find out where to watch them here at freecast.com, Your Personal Channel Guide.