Everybody loves a comeback. Last week, television took some exciting steps into the future but this week Rabbit TV Plus is taking us back to the past, and that’s not a bad thing. FreeCast Inc is usually known for being on the cutting edge of the television revolution, but this week they announced that they’d be giving away free rabbit ear HDTV antennas to millions of subscribers. Not only that, but after a week of celebrating the end of cable bundles, FreeCast has a plan to bring the bundle back into style in the pay TV business. What’s with the sudden trip down memory lane? It’s all about better serving our subscribers of course.

TV is changing, but not everybody is on board yet. Local stations in particular haven’t exactly decided what to do, but considering that they carry local news and sports, they’re still an important part of the TV experience for millions of Americans. Many people tune in to these stations on cable, but may have forgotten that they’re still broadcast over the air the same way they were in the old days, meaning that they can still be received with an old fashioned rabbit ear antenna, just like our grandparents used to. In other words, they’re freely available without cable. Attempts to give local broadcast television a 21st century update, like the infamous case of Aereo, have gotten bogged down by the courts and regulators, but that doesn’t mean that local stations can’t or shouldn’t be a part of the next generation TV experience. That’s why FreeCast Inc is giving away antennas. As the television industry goes through a transition, it may not be totally seamless or without growing pains. But while everybody figures out what to do, Rabbit TV Plus subscribers won’t be left in the lurch. The addition of an antenna will give them access to their local news, sports, and major network programming, forming a complete experience when combined with the hundreds of thousands of movies, TV shows and more already available through the service.

Bundles will also be making a comeback. Earlier this month, FreeCast Inc announced premium pay channels for Rabbit TV Plus, essentially creating the first à la carte TV service. Now they intend to reclaim a concept that has long been associated with the frustration of cable companies: bundles. Today most people think of bundles as a vehicle for the cable companies to push unwanted channels and higher prices onto their subscribers, but FreeCast is reinventing them as a means to give customers value. Rabbit TV Plus subscribers will be able to create their own customized bundles, starting with free content from the web and over the air, and adding premium pay channels à la carte. FreeCast is committed to making “bundle” a value proposition once again, meaning that Rabbit TV Plus bundles are likely not just to stick around, but to grow.