Cord cutters have a variety options for streaming TV as cheap or free as possible these days. Now, with the help of Rabbit TV, Facebook is jumping on the bandwagon too. The streaming video service has just launched a new free app – Rabbit TV lite — that allows Facebook users to stream up to 400 different free TV channels online through their personal Facebook pages.
The app looks pretty smooth inside of the Facebook browser, and while it doesn’t offer anything you can’t already get by browsing the web, it is nice to have the channels gathered for you in one central location. For those who just want a reasonable amount of entertainment – some new, some not – the Rabbit TV app inside of Facebook can be quite convenient and satisfying. Best of all, it’s free.
But why choose to embed itself in Facebook instead of just go with its own free streaming website? The answer is simple. With one billion visitors a day, many who are consuming large amounts of video media while there, the new app is kind of a no brainer.
According to FreeCast CEO Bill Mobley, (FreeCast is Rabbit TV’s parent company)  “Facebook is just one new place where consumers are going for video, and with this app, we hope to be one of the first major players there.”
While the RabbitTV lite app on Facebook is a completely free streaming TV service, Rabbit TV is hoping the exposure will lure a few potential customers to the Rabbit TV Plus subscription plan which, for $10 a year gives customers access not only to the free streaming channels, but also access to tens of thousands more TV episodes and movies, as well as radio stations, online games and other content, including additional rental, pay and subscription services.
If the Rabbit TV lite app for Facebook has piqued your interest at all, I’d encourage you to give it a spin. The app is painless to get going and only requires a quick visit to . You’ll have to log in to your Facebook account, of course, if you aren’t already and agree to give the app limited access to your account (like all Facebook apps), but then you are quickly on your way to streaming free TV channels through your Facebook page.
If you test it out, drop us a line and let us know what you think.
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