Last month former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar gave a few people a glimpse of Vessel, his new video service. Now many more of you can see it for yourselves: The startup is starting to open up its doors to the general public, starting with people who’ve asked for access.
I haven’t seen much of it myself, so there’s no point in describing it at length to you when you can look on your own. But I do recall thinking it was a very clean, well-lit place, which is meant to be attractive to both content owners/makers and advertisers.
About those advertisers, who include Corona, Chevy, and Axe: One of the most striking things I saw when Kilar gave me a quick tour in December was a new ad format his team had created. I don’t know what they’re calling it*, but it’s basically a static image that becomes animated when you scroll by it — and lets you keep scrolling if you’re not interested. Sort of like if you were flipping through the pages of a magazine and landed on an ad that suddenly came to life.
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