For about the cost of a gallon of gas you can get videos before they arrive on YouTube. Today, Hulu’s former CEO Jason Kilar released the beta version of his new video subscription service, Vessel, which charges users $3 a month to get a jump on videos from some of YouTube’s top stars.
After signing up for Vessel, users are provided video content that will not appear anywhere else online besides the site for at least 72 hours. Vessel has been poaching YouTube stars for months and will debut with videos from a plethora of YouTube stars, including Tanya Burr Brittani, Louise Taylor, and Connor Franta. Those three are a small fraction of the YouTube creators signing with Vessel. Their YouTube channels combined accumulated 8,144,485 subscribers, and an astonishing 588,991,871 views since June 2009. Vessel has also struck deals with media companies Warner Music Group and A&E Networks to provide content. A&E’s Duck Dynasty will presumably be a part of the deal, as it is featured on the site’s homepage.
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